UPDATE: CANADA, Ontario Chapter

I love this! Cindy is doing an amazing job for a beginner sewist. This is proof that even if you don't sew, you can learn and bags are the perfect place to start! They are SO easy and all straight lines, I promise! Let me know if you are interested in stating a chapter. We would love to have you in the Green Bag Lady family. :)  Teresa

P.S. If you are not already following Cindy and her trash clean up efforts, start now at Trash Walking Moms.

Hi folks...
We have used all the numbers assigned to us, and are slowly but surely making and giving more and more bags away.  Twenty five will be handed out this weekend at a friend's booth at the local Vegfest, and I'll probably be giving a few away this weekend too, at a local park clean up.  

Can you please assign me some more numbers, so that the Mississauga Chapter of Green Bag Lady can continue to make and distribute Green Bag Lady bags? No need for tags just yet, but eventually...

I still can't believe I am actually sewing bags!  Being a non-sewer, this is quite amazing to me, lol.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chapter Coordinator 
Ontario, Canada

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