UPDATE: NEW YORK, Syracuse Area Chapter

This is so great I can barely stand it. I LOVE this idea and the photos are so pretty too! YAY! Way to go Margaret and all your helpers there in Syracuse. :) Teresa

We made 72 bags to offer as premiums for purchasing a peony blossom for $1. They ended up being VERY popular because the bags made the bottles easier to carry. The club was skeptical about this endeavor in July 2018 when I first pitched it 🤔... not so much anymore, because next year we plan to give away 100. I'd consider that a success.

Most of my 63200-299 bags were earmarked for this event, the other 28 went to Maxwell Memorial Library, the Spectrum News reporter Briana Smith whose report sparked at least 2 other groups to start up and random give-aways at other PR opportunities. 
Btw, the boy spent the last of his allowance on that peony bud and he chose the bag himself. Very gratifying to see.
Syracuse, NY Chapter