Algalita Youth Forum

As I mentioned on Friday, Little Girl and I attended a youth forum hosted by Algalita on the California State University, Long Beach campus. 80 youths 15-25 years old were treated to 3 days of brainstorming, lectures, breakout sessions and innovation. I tagged along as the chaperone for my daughter, learned some interesting info as well. :) A couple weeks before the forum, I sent 130 bags to Cali for all the participants and chaperones. Below are some photos of happy peeps with their bags. Thanks Algalita for a great weekend. If you have a kid 15-25 who is interested in the problem of plastic in the ocean, I highly recommend you apply for the forum next year. Teresa

Some helpful links from the weekend:
Algalita (host of the forum)
BiomimicryLA (so fascinating!)
Beauty Counter (amazing mission!!!)
Bureo (they recycle fishing nets which are the worst offender to ocean pollution)
Gnarly Beach Cleaner (keeping beach cleaning fun and effective)
The Story of Plastic (full movie coming soon, make sure you see it!)

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harmony said...

And the beat goes on . . .
Love seeing the youth getting involved in this super important topic. Thank you!