Photo Finish Friday

Clark, CO
I'm so upset about the Amazon burning it makes me want to cry. Hence the post yesterday. I'm really not sure what is going on down there, but I hope it gets resolved soon. Poor Mother Earth, I feel your pain.

Good news, I have gone a week without a migraine. Yay! Big exhale there. Meds are working and I have an appointment with a naturopath doctor on Tuesday to figure out my food allergy situation. hopefully that can answer some questions.

It feels good to have gotten some things done this week. A bit of sewing, laundry, chatting with friends, emails, blog posts, etc. All good things. I hope your week has gone well. Thanks for all your positive energy, prayers and general good will. I adore you all. XOXO--Teresa


harmony said...

So happy to hear about the week of migraine free life. May the trend continue. Photo is lovely - like you!

Tami C said...

So glad that you have been migraine free all week! I hope it will stay away and let you enjoy Labor Day weekend. Hugs, Tami

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thank you Harmony, you are a gem in my life. XOXO

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I hope so too sweet Tami and I will see you tomorrow! YAY!