ANNOUNCING: Louisiana Chapter!

How great is this? Not only did Angela start a chapter in Louisiana but she has already had her first event too. Way to go! Love to see this and all her great bags. Keep up the great work Angela--Teresa

Good morning!  

I'm gonna attach a few pictures.  It went from a high temperature of 83 degrees on Friday morning to a high of 69 on Saturday.  LOL  We've had temps in the 90's up until now and we were NOT prepared. So, that's why I'm super bundled up.

I was able to give away 27 bags.  Most were to kids.  They LOVED the bright colors.  There is a picture of me with Mary Angela, who got the first bag I've given away.  Turns out she works for the mayor in the next town over and she was super excited to hear about the program.  

I had so much fun and can't wait to do another event.

Bagette Angela
Chapter Coordinator
Monroe, LA

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