Photo Finish Friday

We got snow yesterday! It's the earliest in the year we have had snow since we moved to Colorado.  Of course, it will all melt today as we will get up to 64 degrees and it's supposed to be 71 tomorrow. Ah, crazy Colorado!
Hello friends! How are you this week? I'm doing well, no migraines and I've adjusted to not eating all the things I told you about last Friday. Yes, there have been moments of feeling sad about not being able to eat something (pizza, I'm looking at you) but I have discovered some great things. Like, have you tried Vegenaise? If not, it's delicious. I've been making tuna salad sandwiches with it and also homemade honey mustard dressing that I'm obsessed with, eating tons of salad. Off for lunch. Yes, tuna sandwich with a salad. Later gators, have a lovely weekend! XOXO--Teresa

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