Random things to share:
Bagette Alicia was in Denver with her boyfriend and I got to have dinner with them. Love this girl! She was one of the very first Bagettes!
I can still have chocolate! Yay. This is dessert I brought to a tennis party, chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple with crushed coconut. YUM!
This is to prove that I wrap ALL presents in bags. As you know I wrap all my Christmas presents in bags that I made in 2009. I have everyday bags too for birthdays and other occasions.
This dude turned 15 on Sunday. Those were his presents. He got earbuds and clothes. I can't believe he was such a Little Man when I started this blog. Gah!
Have a great week! Congrats to all the Pumpkin Spice winners! Teresa

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Anonymous said...

Bags for Birthdays or Christmas are a great idea. I always hate the piles of crashed wrapping paper after events. Because I grow up in GDR (east Germany) I collect the paper, have piles in my storing space for wrapping new presidents. Better is not to use it anyway. In GDR-times we all had fabric or netting bags for shopping. We all loved bags made of old umbrellas fabrics. The triangles had nice patterns and the fabric was easy to clean. Greetings from Germany