ANNOUNCING: Santiago, Chile Chapter!

Thrilled to announce our very first chapter in Chile headed up by Bagette Patricia! Yippee! So happy about her starting this chapter and look at her first bag! PERFECTION. Way to go Patricia, keep sewing and welcome to the Green Bag Lady family--Teresa

Dear Teresa,
I started following you on IG (starting first with Initiativehandarbeit in Germany). I congratulate you for starting this great idea, since I also feel terrible seeing the amount of plastic bags at the grocery store. Here in Chile there has been a regulation that it is mandatory to use reusable bags, unfortunately they are also made mainly of plastic!!!   And if you buy fruit or vegetables, still you have smaller but nonetheless plastic bags that would go directly to the landfill.
As a full-time working mother,  I have always put my hands to fabrics in much more quantity than the time I had available to sew, so I have pretty much fabric accumulated to put in use now that I am looking for more creativity in my life.

I think I can encourage also other people in Chile with the idea of sewing (or crocheting!) greenbags or makemetakeme bags to give away to friends etc and reducing plastics. Thinking on upcyclers in general, but also on  including may be grandmothers at elderly homes, jobless women at community centers, mothers gatherings at schools, etc.

Patricia B.
Santiago, Chile


Bagette Dad said...

Patricia, You may want to note the even easier produce bag pattern on the website.

harmony said...

WOWZERS! The movement just keeps growing! Welcome Patricia and I can almost hear Mother Earth cheering too!