The North Face

Way back in July while I was visiting Harmony in Gualala, I met some lovely women at an art opening. One of them told me she would be relocating to Denver. Yay! Her name is Carol and she's adorable and the sustainability coordinator for The North Face. Colorado can always use more people like her. :)

Fast forward to yesterday. Carol asked me to come and be a lunch speaker at The North Face for about 50 people. I had such a great time talking about Green Bag Lady and giving out bags to all her wonderful co-workers. Thanks for having me Carol! XOXO--Teresa

Last photo is me and Carol.

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harmony said...

Long ago and far away... Carol was an intern for Harmony Art when she was still in college. We LOVED having her and knew then she would be a shining star for our planet! You two are BOTH amazing, wonderful, caring and FUN!!!