UPDATE: Syracuse, NY Chapter

I just got these photos from Bagette Margaret in NY and had to share immediately. I love love love this! It is SO important for the younger generation to be involved in helping the environment. Great job!YAY!Teresa

Hi Teresa- 

We had fourteen 8,9, and 10 year old kids making Green Bags on Feb 8. It was a PTA sponsored enrichment program, and students signed up for whatever interested them. With help from a veteran sewist,  two of my Girl Scout troopers and only 3 machines, both groups of children managed to finish their bags in slightly over an hour. Parents were very surprised to see real sewing happening - one said she thought the kids would be coloring pictures...as if.

BTW, New York state is now amending its plastic bag laws to specify that shopping bags must be made of washable cotton and NOT  reinforced plastic...Way to Go Green Bag Ladies!!!
Bagette Margaret
Chapter Coordinator


harmony said...

And double good news on New York State! I just found out yesterday that some CA stores are getting around the "single-use" plastic ban but making heavier weight "reusable" plastic bags. AGGHHH!!!

Tami C said...

Wonderful to see the PTA getting the students involved in saving our planet!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Harmony--Oh no! That doesn't help anything at all! Gah!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Cannot agree more Tami!