Mask Mania

Still lots of mask making going on! This is 72 more I've made in the last few days. I shipped out over half of them to nurse friends. YAY! I have a few more on deck that will go out the door soon.
Bagette Meg has been making all these pretty ones and sending them off to healthcare workers too. Way to sew Meg!

Bagette Lori has been busy too. In the second photo, you can see she has been making caps for hospital staff as well. Keep it up Lori, you rock!

A friend from grad school got out her machine and has been making these cute ones in South Carolina! Love them all Anne! Great work!
And, Bagette Marianne keeps cranking them out too! Wahoo!
These are from Bagette Terri who says,  "Here’s my first batch of 48. I’ve been using your patterns as you update them, thank you for all of your advice and passing your experience onto us. Some of mine went to Joanns to pass out and the rest are going to the treatment center that my daughter works at and the care center that my mother lives at."
Keep up the great work everyone. I know all these people on the front lines appreciate all we are doing to help. XOXO--Teresa


Maria said...

Awesome work! I've seen several more articles touting that ANY face mask is better than none!

(I've only managed to sew two so far. Well, 4, but the first 2 are not right/usable). Maybe I'll get the hang of it.

Maria said...

Up to four masks now...found some Harmony Art fabric. It's easier to sew with than the linen. I bent two needles with the linen so glad these are going better!