UPDATE: Munnsville, NY Chapter

Oh my goodness! I love everything about this. The bags, the Bagettes, the box at the library, the future events. You go Bagette Marlene, Bagette Lily, Bagette Doris and all the others there in Mussville, could not be more proud and happy to have you as part of the Green Bag Lady team! HUGS! Teresa

We seem to have ramped up.  I did a presentation at the Canastota library two weeks ago and came away with several new GBLs...AND the library is now hosting a special giveaway spot. One of my new "gals" is a 16 year old...she made the drop box above (and her first 17 bags!)

The librarian monitors the free box and ensures only 1 per family...reported back today that it's going really well.  The library LOVES it.

We are slow but steady...& our most prolific GBL is 94 and she's a treasure! Owned a sewing/fabric store years ago. Keeps us ALL in leftover fabric and HER bags are awesome...pockets, trim, fancy stuff! Mine not so much...just cut and sew and be happy its made...we gave away 75 bags at the Great Swamp Conservancy's "Plastic Free Holiday 
Bazaar" in November...great day.

There are "officially" 9 of us although really only 4 or 5 that are really working at it. However others are working on & talking up the New York State ban on plastic bags that goes into effect 2020...so yay!

So apparently my two most prolific Green Bag Ladies are...Doris at 94 and Lily at 16! Lol. 

Also doing a training session in May at the Great Swamp Conservancy...and an April presentation to Caz Sr Citizens. 

Eek...I'd best get sewing...

Bagette Marlene
Chapter Coordinator
Munnsville, NY

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Tami C said...

What a great idea! Love the Free Bags box at the library. Way to go Munnsville!