Masks Galore!

Ever since the CDC recommended everyone wear a mask when leaving the house, I've been sewing like crazy. Pretty much making masks all day, every day and getting as many out there as possible. I've had lots of help here from Bagette Lori, Bagette Danny, and neighbors Gabby, Carol and Joan. Between all of us, we are close to 700.

 Love seeing medical peeps use them!
 And, regular peeps too! :)
 Bagette Marlene in NY has been making lots!
 Bagette Marianne in Parker, CO is a mask making machine!

 Green Bag Lady Germany has joined in with these lovely gems!

Keep up the great work everyone. Here is a great video explaining why we should all be wearing masks. Stay safe! Teresa


harmony said...

YOU ROCK!!! So happy to be a small part of this kind and generous movement.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

THANK YOU Harmony for fabric! :)