Nose Wire Tip + Pleat Tip

My team of neighborhood sewists and I have been cranking out masks left and right. We have gotten nearly 1100 out the door. These six ladies are truly amazing and it's been super fun because I didn't know a few of them very well at all before this. We walk around and drop off stuff on each others porches, who would have thought? 

Anyway, thought I would share an easier and cleaner looking nose wire tip that occurred to me last week. Instead of sewing the top edge of the mask closed, make a little "pocket" around the opening like this…
 Then, insert wire in the "pocket"…
 And sew the top of the "pocket" closed.
If you have already made masks and want to add wire, just use some bias tape to make a "pocket" for your wire. I have a friend here that makes hers this way and leaves one end of the bias tape open so the wire can be taken out for washing. I have washed mine with the wire inside and it hasn't been an issue.
Also, we have been told that the pleats in the mask need to face downward. I tried to find info on this and failed. It's easy enough to make them this way.
And, I thought I would share a photo of my CLEAN sewing room. I had to take time today to organize my space. It was a complete disaster and I couldn't take it anymore! Yes, that is a pile of masks waiting to have the straps pinned on the cutting table. I pinned them tonight and will sew them tomorrow. And, if you are curious, the mesh bin below the cutting table is a pile of freebie bags cut out and waiting patiently for me sew them. :)
I hope you are all doing well. Hang in there. We got this! XOXO--Teresa