UPDATE: THE NETHERLANDS, North Holland, Velsen Chapter!

Bagette Jane sent me these awesome photo a couple weeks ago and in all the craziness I'm finally getting around to posting them. How great are these bags? I just know the recipients are thrilled to pieces to get them! YAY! Keep up the amazing (570 bags!!!!) work Jane! HUGS! Teresa

Hai Teresa 

Finally I send some pictures of my GreenBagLady’s , I ‘m still sewing with a lot of Love en Caring, evertime I’m surprised with the many creaties from differents fabrics, and it gives me a lot of power to keep sewing for GreenBagLady . My amount of GBL is now on 570 just on my own for 1 ½ year  , I have different shop’s where to  deliver the GBL,  and I receive a lot of positive responsešŸ˜Š .
Fabric will be welcome!!

Regards from Holland

Bagette Jane Bart
Velserbroek , North Holland

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