Photo Finish Friday

Well, hello there! Have you had a good week? My quarantine seems to be one big blur of mask making, cooking and cleaning the kitchen. How about you? The mask making is slowing down ever so slightly. I think more are flooding the market and more people are making them too. Good things! I was at the doctor for a check up (I'm all good!) and my doctor loved my mask and wants them for her office. She was super impressed that they were organic cotton, covered so well and stayed on the nose nicely. I'll be on that task this weekend. Here is a bit of a round up. I made some cute ones for my hair stylist (the scissor fabric!) and she's a roller derby girl too so I could not resist the skate patch! Bottom photo clockwise: Bagette Dina in NY in one of her masks (she's made a bunch!), hubby in a Harmony fabric mask AND his Gualala shirt (town where Harmony lives!), neighbor in one of our masks, Bagette Barbara in her Harmony fabric mask. Have a great weekend! XOXO--Teresa