Florida/Washington/Colorado Bag!

Well, this made my day SO much brighter! Thanks Andrea. HERE is the original post with the top photo! You must go see it. And YES Andrea, a 1000 times yes, we would love to have you join us here in Colorado when we are up to meeting again. Thanks for sending all these photos and I'm happy to give you more produce bags when we meet in person! XOXO--Teresa

Hi Teresa,
I’ve been a Green Bag Lady fan for over a decade. Also, being a self proclaimed bagette I have made and gifted many bags over the years (though no where near as many as you!) In the first pic my little guy is hugging bag # 2945. This now not so little guy just turned 13 last week, and has a 10 year old sister, who is you get than the bag! Of course we all use reusable bags. Since #2945 became mine she’s moved around Florida, across the country to Seattle, Washington until just last year landing in Northeast Colorado. You can see, though she’s a little faded from years of use, #2945 is still going strong and still one of my favorite bags in my collection. 

I also sent a couple pics of a produce bag I received from you years ago. It’s still in the mix but has seen better days. It used to be all one color! I only put light items in it nowadays for fear I will lose my produce in transit.

Since moving to Colorado I’ve been wanting to reach out about volunteering with the Bagettes here. I know it’s not the right time with stay at home and social distancing but, hopefully in the near future, I would love to join you all when possible. 

Until then know that #2945 is still getting lots of love!! 

Andrea Campbell

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