Workday Wednesday

Is it mid-week already? Where have the days gone? I should have had a couple posts up already this week. Hmmm. Too much sewing I guess. This past weekend, I finally sat down and cut out 3 pairs of jammies for my cute niece who asked me weeks ago to make them for her. She's adorable, how could I resist?? I used this 20 year old pattern from my big sister!
Here are the 3 sets. She LOVES super soft minky dot fabric, I used all that I had!

An MD in my neighborhood asked me to make a really small mask so she could still do skin check ups and facials. That was a bit of a challenge to make it small enough and still cover mouth and nose. Here is what I came up with and she said it worked great so I made 20 more!

And, look at these cute masks I made for my chiropractor office. They LOVED them! My neighbor gave me the fabric. Love!
I hope you are having a productive week and staying healthy! XOXO--Teresa


Lori said...

Your niece will love these jammies. My mom had this same pattern and used it for both my sister and I. Mom passed the pattern to me when I had a girl. So of course I made numerous jammies for our daughter and my sisters daughter. What a wonderful small mask you came up with. Very clever. I love those chiropractor masks. So fun.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Lori, love your comment. Happy sewing to you too! :)