UPDATE: Germany, Berlin/Potsdam Chapter!

This is fantastic! I love this effort by Audrey and her amazing team in Germany. Look at all the cute bags and kids! Keep up the great bag and mask work Germany. Cheers from the USA--Teresa 

Hi Teresa, here is a short text along with the pictures which we already posted in facebook.


“Between masks and bags…. in the past 5 months since contact restrictions were implemented in Germany due to covid-19,  bagettes Anne, Sandra and Audrey sewed up a  total of 400+ small bags from smaller fabric scraps. They were distributed together with the mayor to all children in the seven kindergartens of our community, Michendorf,  near Potsdam. We discussed the key issues about “plastic vrs. fabric” bags with the children  – they reflected,  contributed to the discussion proudly and are eager to help save our animals and nature. This was a good day for our future 😊 “

Bagette Audrey


Berlin/Potsdam Chapter


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