Workday Wednesday

It's been many moons since I did a WW post here. It's not that I haven't been busy, I've just been trying to keep up with etsy, make bags here and there and feed my family! :)

1 & 2) Monogrammed towels for one of Little Girl's friends as a grad gift, complete with bag!

3 & 4) Finally did some organizing of my sewing table. A neighbor with selling the cute wood covered jars on Facebook for next to nothing and I couldn't resist! I got out my label maker and had a ball.

5) Special etsy order to baby dino egg costume. So fun to make.

6) 10 pet beds ready to go to a local pet rescue.

7) Finally beginning the quilt for Little Girl's dorm room. I meant to get it done this summer but them masks happened…

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