Clean Sheet Night

I'm a HUGE fan of "Clean Sheet Night." I love nothing more than being freshly showered and crawling into a nest of crisply clean sheets and blankets.  The only thing that makes it better is when EVERYTHING on my bed is organic. Come see…

Mattress: The Euro from Lifekind (it's on sale!)

Wool Mattress Topper: Pillow Top from Lifekind (also on sale!)

Mattress Pad: Organic Cotton Flannel from Lifekind (sale too!)

Pillows: Organic Latex from Lifekind (sale!)

Sheets + Pillow Cases: I made them from Harmony Art organic cotton sateen in Whispering Grass Aqua.

Organic Cotton Blanket (solid blue, bottom photo): Mine is from Garnet Hill a few years ago. This one is similar.

Wool Duvet: All Season Wool from Lifekind (on sale, I got mine free when I ordered my mattress)

Duvet Cover: I made mine from Harmony Art organic cotton sateen in Franklin's Tower.

Grey Cotton Throw at end of bed: Honeycomb Throw from Lifekind (I got mine free when I ordered the wool mattress topper a few years ago)

I didn't even know Lifekind was having a sale on so many items when I decided to make this post after changing my bed today. Organic Cotton Plus carries a wide variety of Harmony Art fabrics if you want to try your hand at making sheets (super easy) or a duvet cover (even easier) from her sumptuous sateen. Now I just want to go to be. Is 2:15pm too early? Happy sleep! Teresa


harmony said...

Looks so nice and cozy fresh!!! You bring everything to life so beautifully.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Awwww, I can't do it without your gorgeous fabric Harmony!