Pet Beds!

I spent the greater part of today sewing pet beds. I have soooooo much stuffing hanging out in my basement it's crazy. Why so much? Well, the whole Covid/Quarantine thing has given people the excuse to sew/quilt (making scraps), go through their closets (getting rid of clothes with holes/stains that Good Will won't take) and get rid of old blankets, sheets and other types of stuffing. I came home one day to find 9 garbage bags on my front porch from a quilting group! Yikes.

Also, since my Green Bag Lady group has not been meeting we haven't been stuffing pet beds on a regular basis, so here I am, see all those bags and bins below with stuffing? Sheesh. I made the 16 beds in front to hopefully use up a lot of it.

In good news, I finally got rid of the 10 beds in the photo below. They went to a local charity to be sold as a fundraiser for homeless students. YAY! Teresa

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