A Sweet Message from Bagette Dad



You asked me one time, why I folded the handles/bags the way I do. I told you it was to minimize thickness when they are packed in an envelope. That is true.

But there are 2 other reasons, as well.

Second: It provides the approximate center of the bag when I am folding to place a bag in an envelope.

Third: In many cultures, folded arms are a sign of contemplation or prayer. So, for each bag I send, a little prayer goes with it.

A blessing, if you will!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this Green Bag Lady movement. It has povided me with a very rewarding second career.

Love, Hugs, Prayers,
Bagette Dad


Anonymous said...

so nice and warm speech!

Lee said...

So well said and you are appreciated!!

harmony said...

Oh this makes me want to weep it is so sweet and heartfelt.

Tami C said...

My husband loves to send his mom a Christmas card with a red cardinal on it. He asked if I had a picture of one. He absolutely had to hurry and be his mom's first card of the year. I ended up making her a GBL bag that had a cardinal on it. I remembering you showing this technique to the local bagettes. I spent quite a while trying to get it to fit in the envelope. Thank you for all you do and the prayers you send all over the world!