ANNOUNCING: VIRGINIA, Virginia Beach Chapter!

Oh, wow! Grace picked the CUTEST avocado fabric to make the first bag of their chapter. I absolutely LOVE it! Way to go Grace and it's so great that you and your daughters are forming this chapter. Welcome to the Green Bag Lady family! :) Teresa

Hello Teresa,
My name is Grace. I have used several of your bags for years - all over the world. They’re always a great conversation starter and I’ve given a few to interested people. Thank you.

Two of my daughters and I are interested in becoming Bagettes.  We have one machine and have mastered pillow cases, cloth napkins and cloth gift bags.  We are ready for your pattern.  

We are a Navy family and usually move every couple years.  Our current duty station is Virginia Beach. Luckily it’s a skill and need that can move with us when we launch again. 
Above is our first bag! Thank you!

Bagette Grace S--Chapter Coordinator

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harmony said...

YES! Love this! Welcome and that avocado fabric is fab!!