UPDATE: Nashville, TN Chapter!

Thank YOU for all YOU do Ann, Margaret and the whole Nashville team! This is awesome! Teresa 

Hi T,
As you are aware, Covid has been terrible for our environment. Our public schools are virtual again, but still providing the breakfasts and lunches for those families wanting them. The parents come to the school several times a week to pick up the food and we are now providing GBL bags to be used at Julia Green School to replace the plastic bags they were putting the food in. Bagette Margaret works in the kitchen at the school so she is the one who got us started on this. The parents are so excited...it is an early Christmas gift for them and they will be returning with their bags to refill them. Here are some pictures for you of the parents/grandparents picking up the food. 
Thanks for all you do!
Bagette Ann
Nashville, TN Chapter

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