Little Girl Joins a Sorority Under Duress

As many of you know Little Girl missed the end of her senior year of high school due to Covid. She did get an outdoors graduation ceremony in August but it wasn't the same. No prom, no fun senior skip day, etc. Then, she went to college with high hopes that the threat Covid would dissipate during her freshman year. Obviously that hasn't happened. Poor dear. She struggled with making friends due to online classes and masks/6 feet apart for in person classes. Makes it tough to connect with other people. Good thing she likes her roommate! In November, I read in the parent email that there would be Sorority Rush in January. I told her I was signing her up. She was quite resistant. She went through the rush process and found she enjoyed it. She really liked the girls in Alpha Sigma Tau AND that is the one she got! She's so excited and says she already has a new group of buds. YAY! Of course I had to make her a cute bag to tote around. Cheers to all of you, hope you are hanging in there--Teresa



harmony said...

That is great news and will be a wonderful source of friendship for her!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I agree Harmony!❤️❤️