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Look how great all of this is! Green Bag Lady GERMANY is astounding. They do such a great job getting the cloth bag word out throughout the country lead by their fearless leader Audrey! Keep it up all you Germany Bagettes! Cheers--Teresa 

Hi Teresa, as per whatsapp we were mentioned in two stories of our local magazine "MĂ€rkischer Bogen" in the March edition - if anything unclear, just give a holler 😊:

Soil Sister

At the beginning of February I received a call from Kordula,  a lady in my community , asking whether we could sew some bags for a special project. She calls herself the "soil sister" and would like to draw attention to a plastic waste issue which affects birds and small animals, but does not receive much attention. During her walks through the beautiful nature of our area , she noticed that many small plastic bits from polypropylene coated sisal (used to secure hay bails) or other plastic which have been "shredded" small by plowing are left in the soil. Birds and small animals eat the bits or use this material for nesting . She collects this waste and requested a bag which could be fastened around the waist while out walking the dog or just hiking. We prototyped 5 different bags for her at the beginning of February and she has chosen the magnesium style bag. She appeals in this article to people of the community to join her campaign as a "Soil-Sister" or "Boden-Brother" (Boden means soil in German) to clean up these plastic bits. Our GreenBagLady chapter will sew the bags for her helpers.

Bag Tree

We reminisce in this short article about our last "open air" sewing in September .... and hope we can resume as soon as the weather (and covid) permit. In the meantime our bag tree has a home at the local cafĂ© which offers homemade "soup to go" at lunchtime Monday - Thursday. This helps us to distribute our bags into the community during covid restrictions and helps get those yummy soups home! www.cafe-michendorf.de 

Audrey S--Coordinator, GERMANY

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WOW! Super cool! Love the waist/waste bag!!!