Workday Wednesday

I do lots around here. I really do, I just forget to take photos of it all! I remembered this week so can share. Over the weekend I made 15 tennis theme masks for a high school team. I'm friends with the coach and it was a fun project. He wanted all the same fabric so I put small pony beads on the elastic so the girls could tell them apart. The bead also works to make the ear elastic adjustable. Win win. Go team!

The next is the sad tale of some favorite pillow cases. 

I bought these pillow cases when we moved to Colorado. They have become so soft with several washings, too soft it would seem as one of the blue ones ripped while I was changing sheets. :( I was going to put it in the pet bed stuffing but decided there was still enough fabric to make a bag.

I also had a set of the same cases in green but king size. I ended up cutting off 4 inches to make this one standard size instead.
I saved the extra to make handles.
The rest of the blue not used for the bag became handles too. I had to iron the top portion first.

I was able to cut it into 4 strips since the fabric was doubled at the top.
As you can see in the first photo, I was able to get 3 sets of handles and one bag out of the fabric. Upcycling at its best!
Welcome to the world Bag #83774, we are glad you are here! :) Teresa


harmony said...

Clever solution for the tennis masks!! Love it!

MissesStitches said...

I've made standard size pillow cases from king size ones, too! And yes, I do save that fabric for a future use. And here's a secret: We only use a fitted sheet, and then a comforter on top, so when I buy a set of sheets I have these top sheets left. And I use them to make comforter covers! I love seeing your pictures of snow, but I sure don't miss living in it!