Workday Wednesday

I've been thinking about this project for a while. It took a ripped bag like the one below to finally put in in motion. I have a bunch of these bags from sheets, mattress pads, curtains, etc. You too? I do use them for projects and to put toiletries in for the airport. They are great for that as it is see through and I can zip it up and use it over and over AND it lasts much longer than a flimsy ziplock bag.

I've been thinking about cutting them and making pouches with fabric to be more sturdy but still see through on one side for TSA purposes. I finally made one! What do you think? Should I add them to my etsy shop?? Would love your opinion--Teresa

1) all those pesky bags
2) finished stand up zip pouch
3) back side
4) filled with some fun travel size items
5) standing up

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Harmony said...

LOVE this! So creative!!!!