Photo Finish Friday

Colorado clouds are still my fav. Endlessly fascinating. I'm sewing my little heart out to get the 40 pouches finished that I discussed yesterday. Also, hubby is taking me this afternoon to look at the Nissan Leaf! I'm so excited. I have wanted an electric car for some time now and they seem to be at a point where the technology is getting better all the time. We are looking at other electric options too so if you have one, please let me know your thoughts. Have a fabulous weekend! :) Teresa


Harmony said...

That photo of those clouds is INCREDIBLE! WOW! Good luck with the sewing project!
I am super interested in the Ford F 150 electric truck that can power your (solar) house during a power outage too!

I look forward to hearing what you end up getting!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes. Al has been looking at that too. Very interesting!😊😊