UPDATE: Maine Chapter

I love love love this update from Barbara. All the bags, the farmers market, the sewing, AWESOME! Way to go Barbara (first photo, green shirt!) and Maine Bagettes, keep up the amazing work! XOXO--Teresa


Hi Teresa.

The Maine Chapter of the Green Bag Lady Project gave away about 70 fabric shopping bags on Friday morning, July 16, at the Southwest Harbor, Maine Farmers Market. It was super fun to meet some local residents and tourists and give away free GBL fabric bags in exchange for a pledge to use their new fabric bags instead of paper or plastic when grocery shopping. Hopefully, some people I met on Friday will decide to become "bagettes". 

Here are some photos of the event, some happy bag recipients, and my fabulous Maine bagettes, Cheryl, Brittany, and Raye, at work helping to save our planet one bag at a time!

💚Barbara Colby
Coordinator-Maine Chapter
Green Bag Lady Project

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