Here are the winners of the photos contest. It was easy since these were the only 4 people that emailed me photos for the contest! I said there would be three winners but I so appreciate all these wonderful peeps sending photos that I'm putting together a fourth prize pack so they can all get one! Barbara, Shirley, Karen and Harmony, please email me with your address and I'll get your prizes in the mail to you. Congrats and thanks for the photos! Teresa

#1 Barbara sent a photo is of a high school girl in Jinja, Uganda, taken in February 2020 while she was on a mission there.

#2 Super cute photo of Shirley from NY and her bag.

#3 Karen says, "This was my very first bag given to me by my friend!!!"

#4 Harmony says, "You’ve heard of Parrot Heads and Dead Heads but these are YOUR Bag Heads!"