1) Are you masking again? This is hubby and I at the grocery yesterday. Even though we have been vaccinated for a long time, just feeling more comfortable with a mask on anyway. (we both got the Pfizer shot that got FULL FDA approval today, yay!)

2) I'm on a mission to make the perfect healthy(ish) gluten free chocolate chip cookie. I'm almost there! I added coconut to one pan and they were delicious!

3) Do you add hard boiled eggs to your tuna salad? If not, you are missing out. Also, Veganaise is amazing.

4) The collar of this shirt was in shreds. I like it better now that I added the plaid! :)

5) The sunflowers in my hood are out in full force right now. This was taken while on a walk with hubby tonight.



Harmony said...

1. Yes... nice fabrics!
2. Yummmm I am volunteering to be your taste tester.
3. yes. and yes, agree.
4. Love this... can I send you a couple of hubby's shirts with collars to fix? I tried to retire one with a frayed collar just yesterday but he "loves that shirt". ;)
5. lovely.

Tami C said...

I have to always remind Kenny to grab his mask before getting out of the car. We've both had Pfizer as well. Glad they finally gave it full approval! I recognize hubby's mask!

I love to put hard boiled eggs in my tuna salad and Kenny loves it that way. He boils & peels the eggs for me.

Hubby's "new" shirt is really great looking! I bet it's his favorite! Sunflowers make me smile as they are such a happy flower.