My Poor Flowers

Most of my poor flowers are super sad. I can only have geraniums and marigolds on my front porch due the deer thinking any other flowers are salad for them. :) I can do a lot more variety on my back deck since the deer don't climb spiral stairs. Ha. My Rio Dipladenia get more gorgeous every day but the rest of the plants on my deck (last photo) were the victims of Japanese beetles and cut worms. Ugh. How is your garden growing? Teresa


Maria said...

The deer here have left my snapdragons alone. Oh and the lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary are soundly ignored. I eat those though! The thyme and rosemary both bloomed early in the summer. When the sage is old enough, it will bloom too, but the bugs did bother it this year. Rabbits will eat some types of flowering sage, but they've left the human eating kind alone.

My wildflowers are doing well. I posted pictures to my blog of the giant blue sage, the calendula and the dahlia. Those are in the backyard for the most part, although I have one blue sage of some kind or other in the front. There's a lot of unknown wildflowers here doing quite well since we had late rains.

Fall is nearly here!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

That's awesome, I'll check out the pics on your blog. I noticed that a neighbor had a bunch of snapdragons in her front yard that don't seem bothered by the deer as well. I need to try that next year. I know, fall, crazy!