Photo Finish Friday

Cheers to the weekend! I took this photo last Sunday at my cousin Mary's house in South Dakota, gotta love a foggy morning. I hope you have a lovely and relaxing couple of days. I'll see you back here Monday. XOXO--Teresa


Here are the winners of the photos contest. It was easy since these were the only 4 people that emailed me photos for the contest! I said there would be three winners but I so appreciate all these wonderful peeps sending photos that I'm putting together a fourth prize pack so they can all get one! Barbara, Shirley, Karen and Harmony, please email me with your address and I'll get your prizes in the mail to you. Congrats and thanks for the photos! Teresa

#1 Barbara sent a photo is of a high school girl in Jinja, Uganda, taken in February 2020 while she was on a mission there.

#2 Super cute photo of Shirley from NY and her bag.

#3 Karen says, "This was my very first bag given to me by my friend!!!"

#4 Harmony says, "You’ve heard of Parrot Heads and Dead Heads but these are YOUR Bag Heads!"

UPDATE: Washington Chapter

Look at these lovely bags from the Washington Chapter. Yipee! It's nice to hear that chapters are starting to meet again in person. My life is still too crazy to meet yet, but soon! Way to go Susan and team, keep up the great work! Teresa


Hi Teresa,

Although the Washington chapter has met only once since the pandemic began winding down, we’re still a team! We miss Barbara and are grateful for what she taught us and for leading us as long as she did. We still include her remotely whenever we sew and enjoy keeping in touch with her. 


GBL Washington has partnered on several occasions with Farms for Life, and we recently had the opportunity to do so again. This small but scrappy non-profit organizations buys surplus produce from local farmers and donates it to agencies that support underserved people. Beautiful healthy, produce tastes even better when it’s carried in a reusable bag made with love! They were much appreciated and we hope to continue the partnership. A big Thank You to Penny who coordinated the distribution.

Bagette Susan 


My siblings and I traveled to Conde, SD (population 140) to bury Bagette Dad's ashes this past weekend. This is the town in which he was born and grew up until he went to college. He's back where it all started buried next to two of his favorite people. Dad, enjoy the chirping birds, the rustle of the corn and the pheasants you used to hunt. I miss you every day--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

I’m heading to the final burial of Bagette Dad’s ashes. He will finally be at rest back in the small town in which he grew up. Enjoy the peace and cornfields, Dad. I miss you every day. Teresa

Workday Wednesday

A little follow up from yesterday: I picked up the $1.00 shelf from my Facebook Marketplace and put it to use right away. It's nice and deep, about 14 inches, so it stores folded fabric nicely. Everything on the shelves is quilting cotton yardage. Folded on top is lovely upholstery fabric from our sponsor, Swavelle/Mill Creek, waiting to be made into bags. There used to be ugly plastic bins in this corner, I love how neat and tidy it is now! Smiles.

I sent an altered wedding dress out the door yesterday which freed up time for me to work on a baby quilt for a friend. I made one for her granddaughter in 2019 from vintage fabric and her late husband's neckties. This one also includes fabric from neckties for her grandson. Such an honor to make this. This one has a National Park/deer/camo theme. I'll post the finished product, hopefully next week.

What are you working on? Teresa

A Little CleaningI

I spent a good deal of yesterday cleaning and organizing my basement sewing space. It's been a disaster. Pretty much since masks took over, things have been crazy down there. But now that has slowed down, I've been catching my breath. I have guests coming next week and knew it was time to tackle the insanity. It all started with a brand new (!) little drawer organizer I got off my neighborhood Facebook page for $4.00. Score! I was able to label and round up a bunch of little things that have been floating around my sewing table, including bobbins. So excited about this!

I also folded and organized by color a bunch of fabric. I'm picking up a shelf later to put all of this on. I'll share a photo once that is done. I'm getting the shelf for $1.00! :) I'm going to put the shelf to the right of the couch.

I'm working on a bunch of pouches. Booth sales should be happening again this year before the holidays and I'm hoping to get rid of a lot of inventory.

The rest of the photos are a tour of my sewing space. All clean now because of the inspiration from a $4.00 organizer! XOXO--Teresa

UPDATE: Maine Chapter

I love love love this update from Barbara. All the bags, the farmers market, the sewing, AWESOME! Way to go Barbara (first photo, green shirt!) and Maine Bagettes, keep up the amazing work! XOXO--Teresa


Hi Teresa.

The Maine Chapter of the Green Bag Lady Project gave away about 70 fabric shopping bags on Friday morning, July 16, at the Southwest Harbor, Maine Farmers Market. It was super fun to meet some local residents and tourists and give away free GBL fabric bags in exchange for a pledge to use their new fabric bags instead of paper or plastic when grocery shopping. Hopefully, some people I met on Friday will decide to become "bagettes". 

Here are some photos of the event, some happy bag recipients, and my fabulous Maine bagettes, Cheryl, Brittany, and Raye, at work helping to save our planet one bag at a time!

💚Barbara Colby
Coordinator-Maine Chapter
Green Bag Lady Project

Photo Finish Friday

Hey peeps. I need MORE ENTRIES for the photo contest! I'm extending the deadline to July 22. Get out there and take photos with your bag(s) and win some cool prizes! Go! Make it your weekend project. Details HERE. Teresa (photo from my run last Sunday at our cabin, hazy sky due to near wildfire)

UPDATE: New Jersey, Linwood Chapter

How awesome is this bag? I love it! Keep up the great work Linwood Chapter. Not only are they handing out bags locally, they are spreading the word to Costa Rica as well! Yay! Teresa 

Bagette Rian H. from South Jersey traveled to Costa Rica for a service trip with her high school. She traveled with 11 tagged ‘Green Bag Lady” bags. Here is her Costa Rica themed bag she gave to a local family that hosted her for dinner in San Gerardo.

New Jersey, Linwood Chapter