California Bags and Mask!


Hi Teresa,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this to you.  I haven't mastered taking selfies, so I have to remember to ask my husband to take the pictures.

I love both of the bags and the mask.  Thank you so much!

Hope winter is winding down where you are.  I also hope your dad is feeling much better.

Thanks again,

Penni W

Photo Finish Friday (Sat)


Hi all. I hopped an airplane again yesterday to spend today with Bagette Dad while he is still in the hospital. Once they move him to rehab he can’t have visitors. I’m sporting one of my favorite Harmony masks and appropriate airplane earrings a dear friend gave me for Christmas. Keep those thoughts and prayers coming for my Dad. AND, A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you that sent cards and greetings. He LOVES them all!!!!! XOXO—Teresa

Upcycled Bricks!

This Kenyan woman recycles plastic waste into bricks that are stronger than concrete. I love this! How incredible to take waste and turn it into a useful product. My Green Bag Lady heart is singing. Read the entire article HERE. Cheers! Teresa

Pants Bag!

11 years ago I made a bag for Harmony out of an old pair of Bagette Dad's pants. She found these pics and I had to share them again. She's still using that bag! Love it! :) Teresa


So here I am at 52 today and tiny me at maybe 6, not sure. I went to MN this past weekend to visit Bagette Dad in the hospital. He seems to be on the upswing today but had a rough week last week. Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming, they are needed and greatly appreciated. He is getting great care and me and my siblings are all taking turns to be with him. What a crazy trip around the sun this last year has been, here's hoping that the next one is much more calm. XOXO to you all! Teresa 

PS-If you would like to send Bagette Dad a card (he LOVES the ones he has gotten), please email me for the address: teresa(at)vanhatten(dot)com

Workday Wednesday

Hello there, it's been chilly willy here lately! I made a quilt top for my nephew and his wife who are expecting a little boy in June. Yay! I'm trying to decide if I'm going to quilt it myself or take it to my long arm lady. I'm really not a fan of the actual quilting process so I'll probably end up having her do it. The multi colored deer fabric at the top of the photo will be the backing. 

I've also been an avid pandemic puzzler as of late. I love watching tennis (Australian Open), looking at the fire and putting together a puzzle. SO, look at this SUPER CUTE one that Harmony sent me for my upcoming birthday! I LOVE it! She even included a photo of both of us with my Nashville Bagettes in 2010! LOVE! Enjoy the rest of your week--Teresa

UPDATE: New Zealand Chapter

Look at all these great things that Olive makes from SCRAPS! I'm inspired to start going through my scrap bin. They look lovely Olive, keep up the fabulous sewing! Teresa

I've been making some pouches and bags for community with excess fabric and left over blocks and quilts.

Bagette Olive

Coordinator, New Zealand

UPDATE: Nederland, COLORADO Chapter

What pretty bags that Janet has made! I'm sure the people who get these are thrilled to pieces. Keep up the sewing Janet, you are making a difference--Teresa

I just made 20 more bags, 11 of which I am giving to Mountain Peak Life for the volunteers, cooks, etc. who provide (and deliver) meals to the senior citizens in Nederland. I am one of those recipients.

I am very sorry to hear about your dad. He looks like a kind man.

Bagette Janet
Nedeland, CO

UPDATE: Kyle, TEXAS Chapter

Wowweee! Look at all these cute bags from Jessie and the fabulous dress she made herself too. Such talent in one person! Keep up the great work making and handing out those bags. Love it! Teresa 


I've made a bunch of bags with the fabric I received from the last free drop. One of the fabrics had so much yardage, though, I also made a dress, and still got 2 bags out of it. 

Thanks for helping make these things happen! I'm dropping off bags around Kyle as I type, spreading so much joy! Don't worry, the Mr is driving. 

Hope your dad is doing good. Good vibes, friends!

Bagette Jessie H.
Kyle, Texas Chapter

Photo Finish Friday


This girl is blooming in my house right now and it's making me so happy. I've had this orchid for a couple of years and each time I think it's not going to bloom anymore it manages to surprise me.  Some bright lime and yellow for a gloomy, super cold winter day! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's day to all you sweeties. XOXO--Teresa