UPDATE: Maine Chapter

THIS! This is wonderful! Way to go Bagette Barbara, spreading the fabric bag message to so many people. What a fun day at a lovely farmers market! Keep up the great work Barbara and I hope people follow up with you too! :) Teresa

Hi Teresa.

I hope your wrist is healing, and that you are feeling better each day. 
Here is a summer update from the Maine Chapter of the Green Bag Lady Project.

I gave away 90 Green Bag Lady bags at the Southwest Harbor Farmers Market on Friday. It was super fun talking to shoppers and then seeing them fill their new fabric bags with goodies from the farmers market vendors. Many bag recipients are local residents and shop owners, including the owner of a pizza shop, and the owner of a shop that rents E-bikes. A librarian from our local library took a stack of bags for library patrons. A woman who volunteers with a local fire department handing out produce to people in need of fresh food that is donated by local farmers took some bags. One man brought the bag I gave him last year. He was thrilled to get another bag this year to add to his collection. How cool is that?!!

Also, some folks expressed interest in helping make bags and/or donating fabric. I’ll see if anyone follows up with me. Enjoy!

Bagette Barbara - Coordinator, Maine Chapter
Green Bag Lady Project

Photo Finish Friday

I'm hanging in over here. A few friends have stepped in to help me get the 3 wedding dresses altered that I had here. We are closing in on finishing them, thank goodness! I just spent a couple of hours cutting out fabric for pouches. At least I can be a little productive. Next up is several baskets of laundry to "fold" to the best of my ability. I hope you have more exciting plans for the weekend. Pretty view from my deck this week. Cheers--Teresa


I'm plugging along over here  I have limited use of my left hand. I can sew a little and managing to get etsy orders out despite it taking me twice as long to do anything. I go back to doc on Monday to get this cast off and a different type of splint and will start physical therapy. Good times. Grateful for what I can get done and for Big Girl here cooking yummy dinners! XOXO--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday (delayed)

Well. It’s been a week here. I fell on the tennis court during a match on Wednesday and managed to fracture my left wrist. Ugh. I had surgery yesterday and didn’t do well with the anesthesia. I think it actually gave me a migraine. Needless to say I was in bed and miserable all day.😞 Feeling much better today. Here’s a photo of my now bionic wrist! Teresa

The Netherlands Bag in London!

This is awesome! I love that I can tell that Bagette Dad wrote the number on this bag. It would have been his 83rd birthday this last Saturday and these little things keep his legacy alive. Happy travels Bagette Ingeborg!!!! Teresa

The Netherlands bag in London!
As you can see, I fixed it already once!
Bagette Ingeborg 
Chapter Coordinator 
Oost-Nederland Chapter

Photo Finish Friday

This little guy was hovering around drinking from my Fuchsia plants and it made me SO happy. Look how adorable! I have 4 hanging baskets of Fuchsia on my back deck and I adore them. The colors are amazing and I love how they burst out of their pink pods. We are enjoying some mountain air this weekend and soaking it all in. Wishing a lovely weekend for you too! :) Teresa

UPDATE: Kyle, Texas Chapter

I LOVE it when young people get involved in Green Bag Lady. So important to not only pass on the useful skill of sewing, but the importance of being green too! Thanks Bagette Jessie, keep up the awesome work in Texas! :) Teresa 


Usually I'm a one-woman bag-making crew but sometimes I can enlist the help of my kids. This time I got my 10-year-old to finish off 10 bags for me. 

Thank you, friend! 

Bagette Jessie
Chapter Coordinator, Kyle, TX

Photo Finish Friday

Hey there, hope you have had a good week and looking forward to the weekend. I'm leaving later on to go to a friend's cabin in Alma, CO. Excited! Looking forward to some girl time which includes a hot tub. :) Hope you have some fun plans to get out of the heat as well. Hugs to all! Teresa 

Workday Wednesday

Hey all, hope this week is going well for you. I have 3 bridesmaid dresses screaming for attention in my sewing room but thought I would stop in here with a little check in before I start hemming.

1) made some bracelets for Little Girl's sorority sisters

2) made some little zip pouches for them too

3) look at these cute babies with their mama right in my backyard!

California Bag!

I love this photo. First, it's a "vintage" Green Bag Lady bag. Look at that number! 15579, and I can tell it is written in Bagette Dad's handwriting. Also, the bag is made from Harmony's own Sweet Jane fabric. YAY! Thanks for sharing Harmony! Got bag photos? Please send them to me so I can post here! :) Teresa

Photo and bag circa 2013. Bag number 15579.
Tomatoes picked at my friend Nancy's house, we never had tomatoes like that!
Gualala, CA