UPDATE: New Zealand Chapter

This is excellent! I love what Bagette Olive and her team are doing in New Zealand. Love the use of extra fabric and orphan quilt blocks, such pretty bags! Keep up the great work Olive and thanks for the update--Teresa

We have started a community sewing group in Ashhurst as part of our quilt guild to use up an excess of donated fabric . Some are made using left over quilt blocks too (orphan blocks) we have donated a dozen to a local community library. 40 have gone to a local charity Starlightjoy and we are making some now for a free food rescue store.

Bagette Olive

Coordinator, New Zealand Chapter

Bag Washing

Before the pandemic, I used to wash my bags about once or month or if they were visibly dirty. Now, I wash them every time I go grocery shopping. It's probably not necessary but it makes me feel better. Here are some that I just pulled out of the dryer. Some of my Bagettes from around the world will recognize bags they have given me! :) Do you wash your bags often? Cheers! Teresa


I could NOT be more thrilled to announce this special chapter. Bagette Barbara has been a long standing Bagette starting with me in Tennessee, then Colorado, then Washington State, then Washington DC and finally settling in Maine. YAY! Our first Maine chapter. Let me know if you live in Maine and want to help Barbara, she's looking for Bagettes. Happy Monday--Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Here's a photo of the first recipient of a fabric bag from my Maine Chapter of Green Bag Lady. She is posing with her bag and one of my annual homemade Easter butter lambs.
The second photo shows some recently made bags ready for distribution.
Happy Easter to you and your family.  Feel free to post these photos on your GBL blog.

Bagette Barbara, Coordinator
Maine Chapter Green Bag Lady🐳

Photo Finish Friday


One more shot from up at the cabin last weekend before I leave you this week. This is the view of Hahns Peak from our front door. I love it! I'm planning a run today since no tennis for spring break and some sewing. How about you? We are at 70 degrees right now and climbing. Smiles! Teresa


You probably noticed I haven't been around this week. My cousin is visiting for skiing, we went up to the cabin last weekend and I had a nasty migraine yesterday. There it is in a nutshell. I'll be better in the future. Promise! XOXO--Teresa

PS--NO side effects from the vaccine, not even a sore arm, YAY! 

Photo Finish Friday

 Just got my first dose! Second one 3 weeks from today. Yay!!! Hope all of you have a fabulous weekend! Teresa


I love this so much! My super talented former student, Meredith, started the coolest store (What a Load of Scrap, great name!) in Columbia, Tennessee. If you are near there go check it out and grab a FREE Green Bag Lady bag! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Rainy days are made for crafting! We’re here at the  Columbia Arts Building from 10-4 today. We have new bags that hold a little more, and you get to keep the reusable bag! These bags were provided by Green Bag Lady...give them a follow, their mission is near and dear to our hearts (and the founder is one of our favorite college professors)! 

Meredith--Facebook Page


 Look at the latest Bitmoji that popped up on my phone. It's me! :) Yay! Teresa


Hey there, we got dumped on with snow again last night. About 8 inches. So gorgeous to wake up to! Thought I would share my vegetarian, gluten free lunch with y'all since it was so pretty on my plate today. Corn and refried bean quesadillas with taco sauce (yes, not salsa, highly recommend), sour cream and red romaine lettuce. Super yummy. XOXO--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday


Hello there. I said I would report on our snowstorm last weekend. It came later than expected but we did get at least 2 feet. This is a photo of my driveway that hubby got to dig out with our snow blower. We got a few more inches this week but right now it is 61 degrees. That's Colorado for you. Snowmageddon one weekend and spring the next! I'm making teriyaki salmon, green beans and gluten free bread for dinner. Yum. Have a delicious weekend--Teresa