UPDATE: KANSAS, Wichita Chapter

This is awesome! Look at all the great bags that Bagette Mary and her team made for such a worthy cause.  My chapter, like the Wichita Chapter, is still making several bags but not meeting in person. Bagette Barb comes to my house to grab serged handles to cut at home, Bagette Sherry drops off fabric for me to serge into handles for her bags, Bagette Lori gets fabric and handles from me to turn into bags and Bagette Tami has been making bags from her own stash. It works. Not exactly like we would hope, but we are still turning out bags and donating them wherever is needed. If you have a chapter, I would love to know how you are doing during this pandemic. Hugs to all, stay healthy! Teresa

Hi Teresa,
Because of illness, etc, we didn't have a chance to sew together, but 4 of our group, made 108 bags to give to our parish St Vincent de Paul Society to give away at the Warming Souls winter shelter in downtown Wichita.

Our sewists, from left to right, are : Bagette Linda, Bagette Donna, Bagette Jeanine Noah, and me, Bagette Mary.

The three men on the right are members of the St Vincent de Paul Society (Steve, Kent, and Gary).

For the tally of bags:
81421 to 81449 to St Vincent de Paul Society for Warming Souls
93000 to 93079 also to St Vincent de Paul Society for Warming Souls

Thank you and have a great week!

Bagette Mary
Coordinator, Wichita, KS chapter

Photo Finish Friday

We are getting lots of pretty snowflakes coming down here right now. Everything is getting a coat of icing. I just ❤️ it. How is your weekend looking? Little Girl will leave to finally go back to college tomorrow. They have been online for the last 2 week due to omicron. Ugh. She’s looking forward to getting back in the dorm. Happy weekend and hugs! Teresa

Workday Wednesday + Stuff

Things as of late:

1) Cow bags for Bagette Barb's granddaughter's birthday. They loved them!

2) Hockey themed pouches for the hockey team of neighbor's daughter. They loved them too!

3) Special order math pouch for a graphing calculator. Might need to add this to my etsy shop???

4) Little Girl's 20th birthday cake!

5) Special order elephant pouch for a sweet 9 year old.

6) I got an Oura Ring for Christmas! It's a health/fitness/sleep tracker that you wear on your finger instead of your wrist. I have been toying with getting an Apple Watch for years but didn't want to have something on my arm AND didn't want to be told every time I had a text or email. This is perfect! I'm already getting lots of good sleep and fitness info. It comfy and connects to an app on your phone. I LOVE it when it tells me I have reached or exceeded my activity goal for the day. :) If you are interested, you can use THIS LINK for $50 off and 6 months free membership! Score!

Photo Finish Friday

I almost forgot it was Friday! I’m so screwed up on days of the week right now. It always happens during vacation. I took Little Girl for a booster today AND she turned 20 yesterday! Big Girl goes back to Philly tomorrow. The house will gradually get quieter. I’m planning to sew tomorrow and run Sunday. Isn’t this doe so majestic? I almost smacked right into her on a walk  XOXO—Teresa

UPDATE: Crossville, TN Event

Due to snow and expected frigid weather, January 14 is the NEW DATE for this workshop.


Dinner Winner!

I made up this recipe a few months ago, mainly to use up a bunch of veggies that were on the verge or going bad. I've made several versions of this and you can put in it whatever you like!

Quinoa/Vegetable Dinner (Vegan and Gluten Free)

3 cups cooked quinoa (I cook mine in veggie broth instead of water)
1 can garbanzo beans and/or kidney beans
1/2 cup diced onion
2-3 cups vegetable broth (I use one whole 4 cup box for the quinoa and cooking)
2 Tbsp oil

1 cup each of 3-5 of the following veggies:
sliced carrots
sliced celery
yellow squash sliced very thin
green beans
brussels sprouts
mushrooms (fresh or canned)

If you are not vegan/vegetarian, feel free to add chicken, pork or other meat.

Cook the quinoa and set aside (I cook mine in a rice cooker). In a skillet or cast iron pan on medium high heat, sauté the onions in 2 Tbsp oil, add 1 cup veggie broth and celery. Continue to stir onions and celery. Keep adding carrots and other vegetables of your choice and continue to stir (see photos below). Keep adding vegetable broth so it covers the vegetables completely. Cover your skillet and let the veggies simmer until nice and tender, 10-15 min. Then add cooked quinoa and mix together well. Salt to taste. That's it! Easy.

Version #1

Version #2

Sauté onion in oil

Add celery

Add carrots, squash, brussels sprouts or other veggies

Add garbanzo beans

Cover and let cook 10-15 min until veggies are tender

Veggies are fully cooked

Add quinoa and mix well

Done! Yum!

Crossville, Tennessee Event!

The Crossville, TN Chapter is hosting the following event. Register to make 2 bags! How fun!!!!! Teresa

More Pet Beds!

I have been slaving away on pet beds with a goal to get rid of ALL the stuffing in my house (second photo) it's been making me nuts that I have so much. I do really like the new beds with zipper covers so they can be taken off and washed. If you follow that link you can see I have made a good dent in the stuffing but still have probably 4-5 beds to go to get rid of it all. I can't wait! What do you think of my pants? Pretty classy, huh? I had to lint roll them before leaving the house. Ha! Teresa

Photo Finish 2021

Hey there! How are you? Enjoying 2022 so far? I haven’t been here much. I’ve been enjoying my kids and hubby being around, doing puzzles and catching up on some sewing. We FINALLY got some much needed snow on NYE ❄️❄️❄️!! It’s so pretty. I got out today for a nice long walk. Cheers to you, the new year and happy times ahead. XOXO—Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Merry Christmas Eve to all out there who celebrate! I’m spending time with family and driving up to the cabin for a SUPER white Christmas. Teresa💚❤️🎄🎁🎅🏻🤶🏻