Photo Finish Friday

Lots going on this week and finally checking in here. I got to see this lovely rainbow and some fall foliage a few days ago. I'm looking forward to being at the cabin, watching the aspens turn red and sitting in front of a fire. I wish you all a glorious weekend. Hugs! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Hubby and I went on a walk earlier this week and ran into this dude. We were only a few feet away and he had no intention of moving so we gave him a wide berth. I enjoyed sitting in the front row at a Red Rocks Amphitheater concert last night (Led Zeppelin over band) with Bagette Danny, her daughter and another friend. So great! If you have never been to a concert there, write it on your bucket list. I'm off to work on cutting out more pouches, start a couple Etsy order and do some laundry. What an exciting start to the weekend! XOXO--Teresa

Mass Production

I had my 6 week post op appointment yesterday and was told I'm "ahead of the curve" in healing. YAY! I don't have to wear the brace anymore unless I'm doing physical activities. I can run again and hit a tennis ball against a wall only with my right hand, but at least things are looking good. :)

Meanwhile, I've been in full pouch production mode over here. The holidays and booth sales are my busiest time so I'm on a mission to make as many zip pouches as possible. I was able to still cut fabric even with a cast on so I did a bunch of that for about 3 weeks. Then, I did all the quilting and am now cutting out the pieces and matching them with zippers. Next steps will be adding zippers, ironing, adding ribbon and final sewing, pressing, adding labels and ribbon pulls on the zippers. LOTS of steps! It's good for my fine motor skills. Wishing you a good and productive week--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Posting late tonight due to end of season tennis party. Wish I could have hit some balls with my peeps but I had to settle for socializing over yummy food instead. The wrist gets better each day and I go see the doc again Monday. Wishing you a lovely weekend and lots of relaxing. Cheers! Teresa

Patchy Pants

Little Girl loved what I did to the jeans I showed you last week (Photo 1) and wanted me to do a second pair. I did them a bit different and I'll walk you through the steps, super fun and easy if you want to try!

Photo 2--After

Photo 3--Before

Photo 4--I cut out all the extra strings and used a piece of old denim that I put inside the hole, I used a disappearing marking pen to trace around the inside of the hole so I would know where to embroider the flowers.

Photo 5--I used an embroidery hoop and thread to stitch cute flowers on the denim pieces.

Photo 6--I used a seam ripper to take out a length of the side seam to make it easier to sew in the patches.

Photo 7 & 8--I ironed on some fusible interfacing on the back of the patches so the threads would stay in place and not get caught on toes when putting on the jeans.

Photo 9--Pinned the patch in place all the way around the edge.

Photo 10--After sewing I turned the jeans inside out and cut out the excess fabric from the edges.

Photo 11--Done! I love how this turned out. I can't wait to see them on Little Girl! :)

Photo Finish Friday

My polka dot plant (begonia maculata) is blooming! Squee! I didn't even know this plant would flower, I noticed the delicate little petals yesterday. I had to move her to a new location as she was getting so big and taking over some other nearby plants. I have been pretty wrapped up in watching the US OPEN this week, you? The matches have been SO good. I'm watching the men's semifinal right now, what a nail biter! Big plans for lots of sewing tomorrow and watching the women's final in the afternoon. It's finally cooled down here, I hope you are enjoying nice weather too! XOXO--Teresa


I've been doing lots of stuff AND watching the US Open. Some crazy matches! I need to get a 100 mph serve. I think it would improve my game greatly! Ha.

1) New mug (on clearance at Joann) which pretty much sums up my life.

2)  Joann also had yoga mugs and fabric that matched. I couldn't help making a bag for friend who teaches yoga as a birthday present. Cute, no?

3 & 4) One of my besties mother just passed away and her son had given her this shirt a couple of months ago. Bestie asked me to make a pillow out of the tee for her son, a sweet way to remember his grandma.

5 & 6) Little Girl loves these jeans but the holes in the knees were kind of giant and would be chilly in the winter. I sewed patches from old denim fabric into the holes first and then did some decorative stitching with embroidery thread (I did take the side seams apart to make both the patching and stitching easier). I LOVE how these turned out think maybe I need a pair!

Photo Finish Friday

There are tons of small sunflowers on the side of the road in my neighborhood at this time of year and I just love it. So happy. Well, this week got a way from me in doing blog posts. I have lots of things to share with you next week. Wishing you a wonderfully relaxing weekend in every way. XOXO--Teresa 

Photo Finish Friday

What? You've never made a hand bouquet? Seems like time you should! This one was made several weeks ago on a walk with my friend Nicole while visiting our cabin. I was entranced with all the shades of purple we were finding and couldn't stop sticking them in her hand. Such a fun way to celebrate nature. Hoping you have a lovely weekend. I'll be over here exercising my hand and wrist to keep getting stronger each day. I can even type with both hands now. Hugs to all--Teresa

Of Course

If you have been a reader here for a while, it will not surprise you to see that I took my ugly brace and embroidered some bling on it today! It was good therapy for my hand dexterity too. I went to the doc on Monday and got the hard cast taken off and now need to wear this for at least a month. If I have to wear something for 30 days straight, it better be cute. "Those French knots really make my wrist brace pop!" said no one until today. Ha! XOXO--Teresa