Photo (Video) Finish Friday

Leaving you this week with a lovely video of waves crashing and salt flying at Salt Point State Park, CA. Enjoy and have a good one! Teresa

UPDATE: NORTH DAKOTA, Fargo Area Chapter

Bagette Lori in ND is amazing! She makes bags with her middle school students. Aren't they great? A round a applause for both Lori and her fab sewing students making 92 bags! Teresa 

Hi Teresa--

Attached is a picture of some of the bags my students made this quarter. We are up to 92 bags made! :)

Thank you--

Bagette Lori, Fargo Area Chapter Coordinator

Salt Point State Park

As I mentioned in my Friday post, I was out in California last week visiting Harmony. We had SO much fun and it was way too short. We had the immense pleasure of stopping at Salt Point State Park on the way to the airport on Saturday. Simply gorgeous. This place is a photographer's dream. It doesn't matter where you point your camera, it's SO beautiful. The rocks are amazing and the crashing waves leave you with the taste of salt on your lips. I'm so glad Harmony decided we should stop there. 

Photo Finish Friday

Hey from California! I'm here visiting my bestie in the westie, Harmony this week. We've been having so much fun getting ready for an exhibition we are co-curating that opens today. They have had SO much rain recently, many large trees are down and there were lots of power outages last week. Thankfully, everything is up and running now. Wishing you a great weekend of love and happiness--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

We are up at the cabin doing fire mitigation. Basically we have to gather and cut up dead trees and put them in piles. When the weather is just right in the winter we can burn the piles. First, the piles have to be dug out of snow… lots of work. Hope you are having a great weekend! ðŸ”ĨðŸ”ĨðŸ”Ĩ Teresa

Bag Making

I haven't posted about making bags for a while but that's what I did today. :) I'm helping a high school student develop a portfolio to get into fashion school which means assisting in making clothing from scratch. I don't do that often but we worked on pieces for 2 hours today. After that, I just wanted to do something easy with my brain. Bags! Also, on January 1, a statewide 10 cent bag fee went into effect in Colorado (finally). I've had people asking me for bags lately (yay!) to avoid the fee. I made a pile of pretty ones that make using fabric SO much more fun than ugly plastic.

Photo Finish Friday

Green Bag Lady is officially 15 years old this month, can you believe it? What a journey it has been. Here are some fun facts:

•Over 175,000 bags sewn and given away

•108 chapters all over the world. 63 USA and 45 International

•Thousands of people making the choice of fabric over paper/plastic

•4,057 blog/facebook posts

•2,324,517 blog visitors

Of course, the VERY best part of the last 15 years has been meeting Bagettes either in person or virtually. I LOVE this. I adore all of you who have started chapters, sewn bags, collected fabric, and given away bags you have made or helped make. Thanks for an amazing 15 years, keep up the great work and happy sewing! Teresa

Workday Wednesday

After a holiday hiatus I’m back in the sewing room. Nothing exciting to show, waist band fixing, pant hemming etc. What is exciting is when I’m sitting at my ironing board and some of my friends walk by the window to say hi. Look at this girl, look at those ears, her fuzzy winter coat, gorgeous! ðŸĶŒ❤️ Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

We got completely dumped on with over a foot of heavy snow while we slept on Wednesday night. I spent the better part of yesterday digging out our driveway since hubby and oldest daughter were stuck in Steamboat and I’m scared of our snow blower. ðŸĪŠ It’s so pretty though! Hope you are staying warm! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Guess what we did today? I made actual gingerbread for the first time in my life. They roll out so nicely I will definitely make them again. Looking forward to a festive filled weekend. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Happy holidays to all! 💚❤️🎄🎁 Teresa