I am taking a break on bag requests. (for now anyway)

I am absolutely inundated with requests for bags. In order for me to fill these requests, I need to stop taking new ones. I have to get caught up on emails, I haven't even been able to sew lately. :)

I am enjoying this project immensely and I will still accept donations of fabric for the 1400+ bags that I need to sew to fill all my current requests.


PLEASE do not let this deter you from switching to fabric TODAY. Also, download the pattern to the right and watch the HOW TO video and make your OWN bags!

Check back to this site frequently for updated photos, posts, etc. The project will continue through more posts and stories from you about your switch to fabric, sewing your OWN bags and setting up your OWN Green Bag Lady sewing events in your community!

Thanks to all of you for your participation in this project so far, I hope it continues through your support of using fabric and sewing your OWN bags and giving them away!

I will let you know when I start taking requests once again. I need some time to get caught up and to figure out some funding!

Also, I think my husband and kids would like to see more of ME not checking email or sewing all the time! :)

Stay green! Teresa


deborah said...

Teresa ~ I can only imagine the response you got for offering a free bag. I downloaded the pattern (finally! :)) and would like to make some bags to take to the flea market. I would like to know if I should make some kind of tag to put inside directing people to your site? Not sure if you have other people making bags for you or not. Keep up the great work and I would love to help! Thanks!
My email is if you would like to contact me.

Anonymous said...


it is 3:17 am here but i believe its 12:17 am there.
please please please make me one. im only 17 minutes late lol!
i would love one sooo much!
i couldn't find a link to request one
pleaseee email me at if you can still make me one
i admire you so much for doing this.
i go to stores literally all the time and use one, two bags at very most.
so if i get one it will save so many bags and i am a big "earth activist" as i say =]
thank you so much!


John Martin said...

I'll go back to using plastic before I have to make my own. I'm handicapped. can't sew without sticking myself to death. Guess Im outta luck and back to polluting the planet.

Anonymous said...

Please today is my birthday,can show up proof if need be,would luv a bag for my bday,and to help keep the world green. Phyllis

Teresa VH-Granath said...
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Teresa VH-Granath said...


There is a WONDERFUL woman who also lives in Tennessee who read your comments and is willing to make some bags and send them to you!

Her name is Sara, I have never met her, but she must be fabulous!

Please email her at: to request a bag

Please keep in mind that she is a busy person and will only be able to make about 10-12 bags a week.

Sara is my new favorite person and the HERO of the day!


Toots said...

Teresa, it is my pleasure to help out! I have a dozen bags ready to go, first come, first served. I will take as many requests as I can accommodate.

Sara (

Ewokgirl said...

I just learned about your blog and your bag project on another blog. I just wanted to say that I think what you're doing is really amazing. I don't know how you're going to handle 1400+ bags, but I think it's so great that you're doing this for people.

I'm just a beginning seamstress, but I've been considering attempting to make bags for my groceries for a while now. Thanks for the pattern, as it looks like it's clear enough for me to understand the instructions.

Anonymous said...

I have the pattern and plan to start sewing soon. My 13 year old daughter chose your cause as her summer service project. She showed me your blog and is trying to get some bags cut out for me to help her sew this weekend. Earlier today I walked to the grocery store near my office for a two items that quickly turned into being six items. I asked the cashier not to bag my items and I carried it all back to my office in my arms. My co-worker laughed at me but I kept one more bag out of use.

Tracy said...

What a great idea-I also live in TN and will be making some bags (didn't even think of it). I for one am glad you stopped taking orders, I have TONS of fabric and the ability to sew-I would never have thought to make them on my own if your free offer were still available. I am sure you have inspired many people to start making their own bags!!

Good luck on making 1400 bags!!

Teresa VH-Granath said...

Thanks Tracy--I'd love to see a photo of the bags that YOU make!


Lee said...

I still have the fabric I'd like to donate. Should I send it to Sara instead? Its just sitting here and I would LOVE to get rid of it for a good cause!


Red said...

We have not used paper or plastic in ages. My canvas bags go with us all the time. We love our reusable bags!!!

Teresa VH-Granath said...

Lee, I would love to have your fabric, email me:

Thanks! Teresa

Lee said...

Teresa I emailed you, my email begins with LeeChrista.

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

For those folks out there who would like a bag, and for those of us who CAN sew, but don't have much fabric, could you figure out a way to pair up us seamstresses with those who would like a bag? If they would like a bag and have fabric, they could send it, and a seamstress could make them a bag(s) and send it back? We could start a Green Bag Seamstress Coalition!!!!
I've been making bags for three days!

Teresa VH-Granath said...


Sounds GREAT! I have found that there is oodles of fabric out there! Dig it out and find someone that sews and get rolling! Or, email Cristine and have her make you a bag!

OR, learn to sew. It is really not that hard. Sewing machines are not that expensive and this bag pattern is about as easy as it gets. Think of all the ooohs and aaahs you will get this Holiday when people get bags from you wrapped in newspaper or another bag! They will LOVE it and it will mean so much more that you made it.

I cannot say it enough. These bags DO NOT have to be perfect. They are for SHOPPING, not WEARING!


Anonymous said...

this is a great idea, i wish i could sew... but i did buy 2 bags from walmart neighborhood market for a dollar each and i was able to get everything in those bags. this is a great idea and thing you did.