I'm back. . .

I have not written anything for a few days simply because I have been sewing my little heart out. I finally answered all the 1000 emails and did send out some bags last Monday and now I am tackling all the fabric that my friends and I cut out last week. I have sewn over 200 bags in the last 4-5 days. I hope to get some more in the mail soon. You will get your bags, I promise.

I have also had some wonderful fabric donations. Julia Smith, here in Nashville, who has a veritable fabric store in her basement. She gave me 6 lovely, mostly vintage, boxes of fabric from said basement. What fun to dig through it all!

Also, the mail carrier was kind enough to drop a box on my doorstep from Jo Garrett. Sent from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, fun, wonderful fabric that you will soon be using to tote your groceries!

One more thank you to the women who have come out of the woodwork and offered sewing services. Yes, we are going to get this rolling. I am working on getting sewing machines on loan and we are in business!

Back to the sewing machine--Teresa


Lee said...

Teresa I have sent you 2 emails and not heard back. One was weeks ago and one was just a few days ago when you asked me to email you about my fabric donation. Am I getting lost in your Spam? LeeChrista@gmail.com


Teresa VH-Granath said...

I will look for your email, I have not gotten it!


Tonya said...

Hi Teresa. I also have sent 2 emails to you! I was awaiting a reply and see that you have said that you answered all of them! :( I emailed to you at the end of May after you were aired on our local station! I did offer to pay for the shipping and even to pay for the bag since I think what you are doing is WONDERFUL!
Tonya :)

Lee said...

Alright Teresa I wrote you back the day you wrote me. Did you get it?


Anonymous said...

I've tried to print the bag pattern with no success; Steps 3 and 7 will not fit on the paper; I tried reducing the size on your web page from before hitting the print button. Still, won't work! Any suggestions?