The Green Bag Lady Needs Your Help!

Thank you to everyone for you interest in this art project (especially those of you in NE, WI, FL, PA, WV, AZ, SD, AL, TX, OR, NC, MD, MO, SC, WA, VA, IL, TN, OH, SD and CANADA! who caught me on the local news stations recently). I seem to have struck a nerve. I love hearing from all of you and will still try to honor requests (as if right now, I have a backlog of 700+!).

Here is where YOU come in, I need people that sew or know people that sew to become GREEN BAG LADIES/MEN in your own communities. The link for the downloadable pattern is at the RIGHT of this page, it is VERY EASY and will get you started. You should have no trouble finding people with stashes of fabric that they will donate to your cause and who might be willing to cut, collect and sew for you!

I LOVE how this is growing and how many people are telling me they are going to start making bags. The ideas of Girl Scout Troop Badges, school/church fundraisers, camp projects, librarians handing them out to patrons, a 13 year old in Virginia doing a service project (wow!) and individuals that simply care and want to give them to families and friends are fabulous. This is the entire intent of the project and it can only grow. . . with your help.

What can you do?

•Organize a sewing party (again, click on the link to the RIGHT for the pattern, also the "step by step how to" video is now also available to the right ), even if YOU don't sew, you can certainly cut fabric, match handles, and collect fabric/supplies.

•You can learn to sew. This is a FABULOUS beginner project. I promise, it is very easy. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to make so many. You are going to carry groceries in it, not WEAR it, who cares if it is not perfect. Cute fabric covers many mistakes! :)

•Take the idea and RUN with it. I do not mind if you don't give me credit, the message is what is important.

If you start a Green Bag Lady/Man community, please let me know! I would love to see photos and hear stories about you!

The revolution is in full swing . . . I need a volunteer army to help carry it out!

Stay green! Teresa


WateringCan said...

love it! brilliant. teresa, it was so good seeing you today at ecology. your green bag lady idea has gone so far... and soon it will be INTERNATIONAL... im taking my bags to Milan and will be taking photos for you.

Anonymous said...

I am a beginner at sewing...but love it. You can contact me if you think I can help out!

Tina Barker

Maureen said...

I would love to help out if I can. I'm at

maureen in Georgia

Anonymous said...

I would love your pattern to make bags to give my fellow teachers, family and friend. I don't know so much about mailing out, but I can try to do my part here in Lincolnton, North Carolina!

Send to:

Anonymous said...

Would you please send me your pattern. I would like to make bags for everyone I know and even for some people I don't.
I hope to get Sevierville TN started thinking green.

Mail to:

L said...

I'm a stay at home mom in Norfolk, VA with a sewing machine that can spend some time helping out the cause. Contact me for arrangements:)

You should be able to contact me through my blogger account, I hope because I don't want to put my email address here.

Teresa VH-Granath said...

EVERYONE! You can now download the pattern on the blog! Go ahead and click on the link and have at it! Don't forget to send me photos of the bags that YOU make!


debra said...

hi. can i get a free one too!!! thanks

Teresa VH-Granath said...

Debra, you need to email me.

DebsCrafts said...

I just made my first one and gave it away. It was so easy to make, I wish I had more time to sew!

Teresa VH-Granath said...

YAY, I love it! Keep it up!