Ohio Bag!

Bag #362 is home in Ohio! You did a beautiful job! Some of my scraps might make great *gift wrap bags*, I'm sure I can adapt your pattern to different sizes, maybe even carry on your bag idea, amongst my friends. In your name! Here is my picture, wish the store wasn't closing, would loved to have tried for a better pic... By the way, I am not that short, I am in a wheelchair. Have a great day and thanks for the nice bag, it hangs off the handle of my chair quite nicely... and is my favorite color too! How did you know that??? ~Beverly in Ohio

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Dan said...

What a marvelous idea. I would love a green bag as part of your back to school promotion. Keep up the great work and I will mark your site.
Kathy Minnich
3445 Abington Ct.
Brunswick, OH 44212