Nebraska Bag Lady!


Thanks so much for everything. First, for your desire to do something so simple, yet so big. I was truly inspired to do my part as well. I know I won't get to the scale that you are at...but every little bit, every bag, makes a difference!

A little about me: My husband is in the military, and is currently stationed at Offutt Air Force base near Omaha, Nebraska. We were previously living in Germany, where this "green" living isn't a new thing! Our kids are nine and six. And I am a college student. In my speech class, we were asked to do one persuasive speech. Mine was on using reusable bags. In my research I came across your site. About five days before my speech was due to be presented I decided to make bags for everyone in the class.

Here are a couple pictures I took. Both my kids helped a great deal. They helped me stay organized, asked tons of questions, and were all around great sports during the two days I was making the 20 bags (my machine only works well for a few minutes at a time ). When I was finishing up the bags, my daughter trimmed the threads from around the tops of each.

I did do a post on my speech and a more detailed one on the bags on one of my two blogs.

Thanks again, and good luck with everything!!! Elissa Black

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