Florida Bag Lady!

hello teresa,
about a week ago i received my wonderful fabric shopping bag (number 2945) and was so excited to find my produce bags in the mail today, thank you!!! with you and the bagette crew as my inspiration i have decided to forego sending holiday cards and have instead made bags to send to my friends and family, i have made 40 bags so far. i have also been making smaller bags and purses with scraps that aren't big enough to make a full size bag, i even made a small produce bag with a drawstring, it's only 11 x 14, but i still use it! i am working on making a bag to attach to the handles of my sons stroller, if you have any pattern ideas let me know! i am also attaching a few pics, hope you enjoy them!

L to R, Top to Bottom

1 - AJ holding our bag after a shopping trip
2 - three more bags i made today
3 - my produce bags in use
4 - my green bag number 2945 and produce bags!!! thank you!!!
5 - my son and the bags i have made for family and friends
6 - the mini bags

Andrea Campbell


Oscar Thibidoux said...

Looks like you have lots of talent.

andrea said...

thank you! though i'm sure if you saw a few of them up close you wouldn't be saying the same thing! :) I've already started getting thank you's for the bags and some people are commenting that they already use reusable bags and it's great to have another! happy holidays everyone!