How to Give Green and Save Green

It occurred to me the other day while I was out and about that maybe I would share some of my purchasing dilemmas with all of you. I am having such a difficult time shopping this year. It is mainly because everyone I know has more than they possibly need. This includes my children. The thought of more toys, games and plastic of every shape and size infiltrating the house is just making me cringe. This is compounded by the fact that 2 of my children have birthdays within 2 weeks of December 25th. Ugh.

So, this is what is happening:

1) We, my brother and sisters and I, have decided we are not buying for each other, or our nieces and nephews this year. They have so much and we are not going to be together anyway.

2) Anyone that is getting a gift from me is getting:
a) a bag of fabric gift bags, shopping bags or produce bags
b) a gift card
c) something consumable, dark chocolate, wine, a baked good, etc.
d) a donation in their name to a charitable cause.

3) I am wrapping EVERY gift that I give, including gift cards, in fabric bags. I have been making them in every size imaginable. You probably won't believe this, but I do think that by the time I am finished making them, there will be 350+ fabric gift bags from me out there this year, the majority of them given as gifts. They are REALLY easy to make.

Have a lovely green holiday season. If you aren't convinced yet, watch this.



Anonymous said...


I am the proud owner of #559! I have some fabric to donate but don't know how to contact you. Please email me: and let me know where to mail it. Thanks!

ViVy said...

My bags already is here! And they are very pretty! They arrived today in the morning, I have still not photographed myself with them, but you the shipment soon. I promise it. only queria to say that they arrived.

ViVy said...

I lost your mail address to send photos. mine is: