Under Bagette Kathleen's Tree!

Dear Teresa,

I wished you could see how pretty the gift bags were that you gave me. I am calling them the Gift Bags for a LEED Certified Christmas since my daughters Julie and Emily just passed the certification exam: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.
I am so proud of their achievement! So here is the picture! Thanks for all the gift bags you made.

Bagette Kathleen

This is a sampling of the gift bags I have been giving out as presents this year. You get a bag of bags from the bag lady. Say that 5 times fast. How green are you this year? Leave a comment and let me know! If you have some great ideas, share, share, share!!! Green Bag Lady Teresa


andrea said...

i will be looking for discounted holiday fabric next week to plan ahead for next year! i gave bags instead of cards this year, i think my last count was around 65. those that have already received their bags love them and i was pleasantly surprised to have so many people tell me they already use green bags! woo hoo!
i keep a box of bags i've made in my car to hand out to unsuspecting passers-by and those that compliment my beautiful green bag lady bag. i am going to take some to my local green market this weekend to give to people too.
i am guilty though, i have used some wrapping paper this year, but in my defense, it's the same roll that i have been using for the past few years. once it's done, it's done!! i haven't bought any kind of wrapping in probably 5 years, i reuse everything!
ok i will stop babbling now, hope everyone has a great holiday!!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Andrea, you have warmed my heart! Thanks for sharing! Teresa

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I'm going to take this opportunity to brag on the great gift that Bagette April gave me yesterday. It was a lovely little reusable basket lined with a nice green dish towel. Inside was a yummy handmade loaf of banana bread in recyclable foil, a glass jar of honey and a glass jar of homemade granola. That's about as green as a gift can get and I'm not just talking about the dish towel!

Thanks April! Teresa