Healing Stitches. . .

This is how it went. . .

Little Man: "Mom, Syrup* has a hole in him. Can you fix him?"

Mom: "Yes, of course I can fix him."

Little Man: "Will he be ok?"

Mom: "He will be good as new."

Little Man: "I love you, Mom."

Mom: "I love you too."

*It is important to note that he has 2 large bears, one is named Pancake and the other Waffle, therefore, what could you name this one but Syrup? He also has a stuffed dog named Cucumber and recently one of his sisters gave him a stuffed stegosaurus that he promptly named Soup. Don't ask me to explain how a 4 year olds mind, hmmm, maybe stomach, works.

The moral of the story: If you don't know how to sew, begin to learn. Not only can you make bags but you can make a child's day!

Green Bag Lady Teresa


andrea said...

i love all the names!!! maybe next will be a cat named 'Jelly' or a fish named 'Sausage' :) i hope Syrup is feeling better.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Andrea! I'll post again if he names anyone else!


James said...

I love the new wide angle lens :)