FREE BAG! CNN #2 Freebie!

So, relatives in NYC just called to say that CNN aired the Green Bag Lady piece again! Wow! I guess that is cause for another FREE BAG giveaway!

Leave a comment on this post and my father AKA Bagette Dad will choose winners from the comments to get a FREE BAG in the mail.

Bagette Dad is going to be choosey so please make sure to LEAVE YOUR Email address spelling out AT and DOT so you don't get spam. Also, tell us how you are going to use your bag and the best comments will be chosen for a FREE BAG!

Your FIRST resolution of this new year should be to get RID of PAPER and PLASTIC. Go FABRIC!

BTW, people who have already gotten a shopping bag are not eligible for another bag, sorry!

The last day to leave a comment for this FREEBIE is Wednesday, January 14 at midnight.


Green Bag Lady Teresa


Anonymous said...

This is from Nathan, age 5, in Dallas, TX: You are a good steward of the environment. I'd take my bag into the library and get books. You could use three bags for shopping for food and three bags for getting library books. Thank you. (And my mommy will be downloading the pattern for those extra bags I mentioned!) theoutdoormom at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I saw your CNN clip today and went straight to your website to check it out! Wow, this is a great thing you are doing. I am a newbie in the 'take your own bag' process, but I am trying hard to comply. I have 1 bag in the car, but it is so boring. Looks like all your bags have great character. They might even start up a conversation and who know, we could get even more folks on the 'take your own bag' bandwagon!

ak_mc at yahoo dot com
ak underscore mc at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...

Just saw the CNN clip and have been thinking of transitioning to reusable bags. Alas I am just to cheap to buy reusable bags. I love how simple and colorful your bags are. Good Job Chick!



Lisa said...

I have been using the bags purchased from Krogers, but they are so boring and have the big Kroger's logo on them. I have found that the bags hold more than plastic, store flat and don't hurt the enviroment. If everyone just tried the bags, they would never go back to plastic! I understand that you don't give away the bags except at functions, so if you have an upcoming function in the Nashville area let me know....I will be there! I printed the pattern but since I loaned our local band my machine and it was never returned I don't know when I will get to make it. I will be checking back often for updates. Thanks for your great ideas.

Jill Beth Hayes said...

Wow is all I can say. My name is JB and I currently live in Dallas. I lived in Nashville in the 80s and see my childhood friend, Jennifer Ragsdale is #900!I'm in charge of our investment bank's "go green" initiative and had hit a wall to continue the "next steps" until THIS blog. I'm going to share the pattern with family and friends AND will post it on our recently created "Go Green" website. Thank you for your dedication and inspiration to create and use the bags to make a difference one bag at a time. LOVE IT. JB jbhayes9296 at alumni dot nd dot edu

Tobie M said...

I saw your piece on CNN today and it was truely amazing. You have such a kind heart and care for our environment! I did see that you have the instructions on how to make your own and will have to try it out for myself (although I am not much of a seamstress). I would love to have one of your bags to carry my lunch to work in everyday. I find myself always reaching for a plastic bag at home and would love to have something more sustainable. Thanks for your considereation "Bagette Dad" :)
tobiem at cox dot net

Anonymous said...

I am wowed by your project and called my brother in Nashville as soon as I heard it to let him know about it. His first question was, "does she accept donations?". I wasn't sure what to tell him but I let him know that you covered shipping yourself and could possible benefit from some donation. Let me know if that is the case and how we can go about doing so.
I live in west Texas, the desert, where plastic bags hung in trees are the decor throughout town. I would love to make a statement with one of your bags, open up a conversation, and spread the word. Thanks again for all you do to "pay it forward".
erinstandefer at cableone dot net

Debbie said...

Heard about you on CNN today. Had to check your site out! I think it is awesome that you take time out of your life to help the earth!
I have a couple of my own bags, 1 was given to me from the hospital I work for and has their logo and the other I bought at Kroger's. They both are very boring looking compared to what you make. I use mine for lots of things, taking my lunch to work, taking packages to post office, carrying my clothes to the gym, going to the library, and of course groceries. I hope I get lucky enough to get picked because mine are getting kinda worn and it's about time to buy a new one. Thanks for all you do. bakebell at bellsouth dot net

Lauren said...

How fantastic! I saw the clip on CNN this afternoon and went to check out your website and immediately emailed my sister about it. I would love to have a bag to use to take my lunch to work. It's time to stop using brown paper bags! Thanks for all that you do and good luck!

lmadelizzi AT hotmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Hi!...what a wonderfull idea, I wish to have a Green bag. There are a lot fo work to do about the problem of a plastic bags.
Good luck and a happy new year!

Carol said...

I just saw this piece again on CNN... I can understand why you would be Sewed Out but I just wanted to leave you a comment to tell you I think it is awesome what you are doing. I also wanted to mention that Bed Bath and Beyond in my area is selling a huge bag now for 1.99 per bag (1.00 is a donation to a wildlife reserve). This bag is at least 3 times the size of the normal grocery bags and I find myself using it everywhere, even to go camping and carry supplies!

Tricia said...

I caught the piece on CNN yesterday, and I think what you're doing is wonderful. I plan on showing my Girl Scout Troop the piece to inspire them. I'm hoping to teach them how to sew (they can earn a badge for that), and then do a service project at the same time by giving the bags away. Would love to get one in the mail to show them how it all began with you! Thanks!

PS -- I bought re-usable bags well over a year ago, and keep them in my car so I can always have them for quick errands and grocery trips. But, your bags are much prettier!

Tricia in NJ
tricia at allthewritewords dot com

Anonymous said...

I would love to have one of your bags i saw your clip on CNNplastic bags ! I use them every chance i can when i go into the grocery storeand i feel good about saving the envirnment just a little !! Thanks for doing this maybe it will inspire others! have a good day
watsonrichards at bellsouth dot net

Gia said...

My name is Gia and I would love a reusable bag to help me curve my attachment to plastic bags. I do reuse some of the plastic when I clean fruit or veggies to put scrapping into, however, I am sure I can live without them. I love the idea of the bags, but they all come in green from the grocery, and I am a fan of purples. I have been in NY for two years and am really not trying to be part of the problem (for anyone that can see the trash trapped on fences and road sides). We can do this together. If each of us share a skill that shares the earth (I pick up bottles and cans whether they can be returned for deposit or not).
I would love to be considered for a purple bag (-: My email is smallvoice AT excite DOT COM

Anonymous said...

Dear Teresa,

WOW, I love this idea! I am so excited to get a bag from you someday, I can't wait! I just bought my first green bag last week. I've been taking plastic bags to work for lunch every day, and this week I started bringing my one green bag. I would really enjoy a pretty, fabric bag from you, and hopefully, by seeing mine, my co workers will jump on the wagon too! I hope you are having a wonderful new year! And hope to hear from you soon. kbutterweck at yahoo dot com


Yum said...

I have made several changes in my actions and slowly changing bad environmental habits is the easiest. We should all be accountable for changing habits that reflect a change in our hearts. When did we stop respecting this earth? I thank great leaders that try to educate us on every small step we can take to give the planet hope. For those who believe one person can not make a difference, you are living blind. We can each do something different and Teresa proves that. Hum, interesting to share a name with another great gentle soul (Mother Theresa). I would love to have a bag to take another step in my love for this planet. This is a beautiful big blue marble. Treat. My mail is yumtreat4u AT yahoo DOT COM.

damasae said...

I saw your CNN clip today and think you are doing a wonderful and miraculous thing for us, our environment and for our children. I myself am trying to go green, and am trying to teach my children too. My son, 4, is really excited about his bags (he got one as a party favor at a party) The patterns you pick out are adorable. I'm interested in possibly making my own, but don't have a sewing machine. Thank you for everything you are doing for us and our future!!! I love it!!!

damasae at hotmail dot com

Cris Winters said...

I just heard about you from a friend from Nashville visiting us in upstate New York. I have been thinking about just such a project for awhile, also while arguing with my husband about not getting plastic bags from the grocery store. (How lovely that he DOES do much of the shopping, but really - I keep his car stocked with cloth bags...)

Since you already have much momentum going, I downloaded your patterns and will be finding places to set up my little Singer machine to make bags at upcoming village events and farmer's markets.

Thank you for sharing!

Brooke Campbell said...

Hi there my name is Brooke Campbell age 23 from Newark, Ohio. I plan to use one of your bage where ever I can use them at. I have been planning on switching to faberic for a while, but never really had the chance till now. I will not only use it at the store, but other places as well. I love what you are doing, and if i can do something like that I believe this could be that start. Thanks
rngirl43055 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I saw your clip on CNN! and my mom and i were so excited! I have a couple of plain tan colored bags and they are so not exciting. I can use the bags for so many things! Books! Grocery Shopping! Even shopping at the mall!
I also like your idea to convince people to use bags. I want to see your idea, and if you don't mind, i am going to have my mom teach me how to make one so i can pass some out to my friends and teachers so they can go plastic free as well!
I would love to have one of your bags as sort of a motivator and inspiration! Thanks


sahrish925 AT gmail Dot com

Princess Sonia said...

I think you are truly doing a wonderful thing by making these bags. It is rare that you hear of people that are selfless enough to use their talents not for profit, but to make life better for the whole

zbstmom said...

I saw your story on CNn and was so impressed w/it. I love the bags. What a great idea. I would be so proud to carry 1 of the. I have 4 kids and I am always running from store to store.I loved the 1 w/the heart fabric, as I love hearts. My daughter saw it also and said that we have to get 1. Please send us a bag!!
Thanks so much!!!

amber a. said...

I really have to say how much your efforts to go green move me. As a mom and child advocate, I can't imagine a better way to show our children that we love them than doing all that we can to ensure that they have a safe, healthy place to grow up. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for ALL of the children of the Earth.

Amber A.
sillymommagirl at msn dot com

Rachael said...

I love grocery totes! Unfortunately, they are so useful, they are usually filled with other things when it is time to shop. I also saw your article on CNN. Coincidentally, however, I am a neighbor, I guess. I live in the heart of Hillsboro Village. Anyhow, I would love a hometown homemade bag.

fleur325 at a oh ell (aol) dot com

Rachael who will also be using the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hi Green Bag Lady! Just saw your piece on CNN and had to check you out. I'm pretty new at the green bag idea, too, but I would love another bag to keep in the car. I have one that I bought from Trader Joe's, but it's never quite big enough for all my groceries. You are making an amazing difference - my hat is off to you! My email address is aewitt AT yahoo DOT com.

Anonymous said...

HI Green Bag lady! I learned about you on CNN and am very interested in going green. I use cloth bags at our military commissary but would love a new bag to take when I go to Wal-Mart! I don't sew but I will search my craft closet for any spare fabric for you or another "green bag lady". (I crochet when I'm not doing my Air Force job - 20 years in the AF and counting). Keep up the great work! katrina AT mcintoshusa DOT com

Ciara said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I would like to take my bag with me on regular shopping trips to the mall and when I make random trips to the grocery store. Thank you so much, even if I do not get a bag! Thankyou for helping to save our environment!


Anonymous said...

i just saw your piece on CNN and I am absolutely amazed by your efforts to improve our environment! I teach AP Environmental Science in Arizona and was wondering if I sent you old t-shirts would you like to make free bags for my AP students to take as a gift and promise to protect the environment? I have 45 students. They would love it and it would leave a great and lasting impression on them as a gift for taking the class. The bags can be a reminder of all they learned about the importance of their environment.

Thank you!

madtownfan at cox dot net

Anonymous said...

You know, I've thought about buying fabric bags for a long time now. Every once in a while, I see someone using their own bags at the check-out and I think "I gotta' get some of those" but then I forget to do anything about it. I even came really, really close this Christmas to buying some for my wife, as a stocking stuffer. I was holding 3 nice canvas bags in my hand, I walked around the store with them, then I put them back. Why is it so hard to jump in and make that commitment? Am I really that self-conscious that I couldn't bring myself to pull out my own bags at the grocery store? Or am I just perpetually lazy? I hope not. I saw the segment about your bags on CNN and something really "clicked" in my brain. I had to write to you and congratulate you on your cause. I'm so sick of "feel-bad" news stories. Your story really made me feel like some good stuff is going on in the world. Keep it up. If you can finally stir me to action, you can probably convince anyone.

dan at danmycka dot com

YoungYoda(Walt Brown) said...

I really do love what are/have been doing, and why you are doing it. I have been in the process of "going green" for the last year and a half. I do not have any deep profound reason, it just makes sense. So whether your dad chooses me or not for a free bag, I just want to say thank you for you part in getting people to be more proactive. Happy New Year :)

walterthombrown at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hello Green Bag Lady,

I saw your story today on CNN and was inspired to find your blog and leave a note. I would love to receive one of your bags and would use it to carry my Bible and Bible study books to Bible Study each Wednesday. I think your idea will go a long way to save the environment and who knows, maybe some souls as I could start the conversation about how I received your bag free of charge and that God wants to give all of us a free gift. Thanks for your consideration.
Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa, My name is Joy and I think what you're doing is great! I use recycled bags all the time. So I had to laugh at the person who is critical of you because you can't give a free bag to everyone in the world! Don't let him bring you down. People like him are the ones who "distract from the real cause"!

Anonymous said...

Saw you on CNN and it's wonderful what you are doing.I bought a green bag at my local aldi and use it faithfully after ending up with so many plastic bags.Keep up the good work.I have not used a plastic bag in 3 months,and my green bag is good for much more than just shopping.Thank you again for what you do and my little grand baby will thank you when she still has a nice planet when she is older.
christinehelinski at sbcglobal dot net

mary said...

I write for Kiwi Magazine and would love to write a piece about you or maybe start a green bag project where we recruit new bag creators. My daughter and I saw your piece on CNN and she (4) wanted to make a bag right away. Would love to see one of yours to follow in your footsteps. Kudos. Mary

anjuanja said...

I think this is a way cool project. You don't have to send me a bag, I just wanted to let you know how cool I think this is.
anjuanja at yahoo dot com

Michelina said...

My name is Michelina and Iam 26. I saw the piece on cnn and thought what a wonderful thing. I have two Children one of which is 5 and a 2 year old . My daughter is learning in school what it means to be a bucket filler." Someone who helps other people, gives compliments with out wanting in return those types of things." I think it wold be a wonder gift if she could recieve a bag from you to see all the wonderful ways that you are being a bucket filler to the planet, not just soley to each other. Thank you for all that you are doing it is a wonderful thing.

Michelina Cyr
Rensselaer Ny

swindle in nevada said...

Hey Green Bag Lady Teresa and Bsgette Dad,

I am a second grade teacher from Rural Nevada. I heard about you all from CNN this week. So I came to your blog to check IT all out!
Well, I am impressed and LOVE your story. I love a good story. I am planning to share your story with my class.

I would love to win the free bag and plan to use it the following ways:

1. Carry it around school and start the conversations with staff, students and families about the "Fabric Bag" and tell your story.

2. My class and I will use it to carry our books to and from the public library instead of using the plastic ones they give us. We will tell your story to anyone who will listen to us at the library... Go Fabric!

3. We have a large Earth Day Celebration in our town with our local Community Garden. We will take our bag to carry our Earth Day supplies in. We will plan working with them... telling them your story... show them the bag. Maybe we can get the community garden on the "Fabric Wagon".

And on and on and on. This can lead to a great brainsorming lesson for the kids. I can't wait.

Thanks for the inspiration and dedication.

Happy Bagging,
Mrs.Swindle & Class

Melissa Kreitzer's Blog said...

My name is Melissa, and I teach fourth grade in Rock Hill, SC. I saw the Green Bag Lady piece on CNN this morning as I was getting ready for school. I was immediately inspired and was excited to share your story with my students. One of my goals as a teacher is to help my students understand that we all have the responsibility to take care of our world. Another goal is to get them to see that one person can truly make a difference. Thank you for being a wonderful role model for both!

If I were to receive a bag, I would not only use it for groceries, but I would also put it on display in my classroom. It would serve as a constant reminder to make decisions with the environment in mind and to encourage others to do the same. Thanks again for setting such a good example. If you are able to send me a bag, please e-mail me at melissa DOT kreitzer AT gmail DOT com.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a chance to win one of your homemade bags. Keep up the great work!



andrea said...

hello, i use green bags and am happy to say that a lot of people i know do too! my mom is actually the one that got me started on using green bags and i'm so happy she did. most of the bags that my mom has are the plain store bought ones, they are boring and falling apart. so, i would like to put my mother into the running for a green bag lady bag. her birthday is next month and i thought if she got picked it would be fun for her to get a random email from bagette dad and a beautiful green bag lady bag to follow! here is her email address...


i'll keep my fingers crossed for her ;)
by the way, my email is campbell4158ATmacDOTcom
i am bag #2945, i hope this doesn't put her out of the running but i wanted to be honest
thanks Andrea

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw this on CNN while getting ready for work...great idea! I teach high school for students who are pursuing a medical career. I would love to encourage them to recycle, and stop adding to "waste". They also do many community service projects in addition to their rigorous curriculum...crocheting scarves for the needy, etc. This may be another way that they can help society to move forward! Thank you for your gift to the planet :)

Anonymous said...

I saw your clip on CNN, and love your idea! I am the supervisor of a hospital based fitness center. We are constantly challenging people to change their bodies for the better....why not change the planet too!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on CNN today and I would love a green bag. I think you are doing a great thing for our environment and there needs to be more people like you!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I just saw this story on CNN a few minutes ago.
This is awesome of you to do this!
I use paper mostly but they don't have handles. My sister uses a tote bag for her groceries and I always thought that was resourceful of her....but now everyone's doing it! I guess I should do it too!

You're doing something great! Keep it up!

-Amber Fortenberry

shtoopidanimal said...

Hello. What a great idea! I hope that more people will take from this idea and want to learn how to become more green. People in the world are wasting more resources than putting back into the environment. It is very frustrating to see. Keep up the great work.

Brady said...

Hi this is Brady i think your idea is wonderful and very creative. What your doing helping the enviorment is so cool. I saw you on CNN today and had to come see what your all about I am truly inspired by what your doing and would love to get a bag to help out the enviorment bye using it for carrying my books to school and going shopping for food. Thank you brady at zidesign dot com

Heidi Bombrisk said...

I am a student at Michigan State University and am inspired by your commitment to the environment. Although understand the need to use reusable bags as i put myself through school I dont always have the money to buy my own and end up leaving the store with either a purse or hands full of groceries as an attempt to lessen my impact on the environment. As a International Development major I know how important it is for The United States to lower their eco-foot print and truly believe that if everyone takes their own action that we can truly make a difference! Pick me and I promise this strapped student will put it to great use!-Heidi Bombrisk,

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Nichole and i am an infant teacher for a non-profit child care, when I saw your CNN clip i had to check out your website. I would love to use the bag to go food shopping and carrying everything I use for work in it. I am also going to print out the pattern to make one for all my parents to bring their child's things to school in the morning. If you have any events coming to Boston I would love to come and show my support. Thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

This is Christie in your slightly northern neighbor, KY. Bag Lady is awesome! I just saw the CNN piece and I picked up my coffee cup and came straight in here to check out your site! I think this is such a great, pro-active step to so something GOOD for the world...we could all use your example! One of my new year's resolutions is to be more environmentally responsible...I have LAPSED after having children (as most things you do on your own lapse, haha) but I plan to make a part of that resolution teaching my children the importance of taking care of the world we live. Just last week I tried to explain recycling to my little 3 year old. I think he cared more about getting to dig in the trash than anything, but hey-it's a start.

madefreshsince1980 at yahoo dot com

ashleyesimpson said...

Wow! I saw your story on CNN this morning and it touched me! I am a nurse practitioner who plans on introducing the bags to the hospital setting. I think that they would be wonderful for caring lunches in to the hospital as well as caring various supplies needed for my job. Hospitals are very wasteful, and I believe that the bags would allow the hospital setting to become more green. Thank you and may God bless you.
ashleyesimpson at charter dot net

Jill Reuter Ohio said...

I just saw you on CNN this morning. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

yeah! i think you're awsome! i saw the piece on the news and hope to use one of your bags.
i'm a 36 year old breast cancer pt, 2nd time. i walk to the store as often as possible and have centered all other errands in my car around my weekly trip to chemo. i hope i'm selected for one of your wonderful bags. i've purchased and use a few re-usable bags but would lovingly cherish and use one of yours. either way; you're doing a wonderful thing and i applaud you, sincerly, shawnanronnie at yahoo dot com

Erin Morse said...

I was really hoping that I could get a bag or two, I just saw your story on Headline News this morning,I automatically went to your website. I think that this is an awesome thing that you are doing. I love bags so much, I have a few purses, and I thought that this was such a great thing for the enviornment, and something that I could pass on to my two children. My daughter also loves purses and bags as well. We live in Winooski Vermont. If there is any way that I could get a bag, that would be so great!! Not only to use at the grocery store, but also at other places as well, like the book store, or the beach?? Either way, keep up the good work, and I hope that what you are doing spreads all over the world, and more people try to find more ways to Go Green!!

Morgan barker said...

I saw you on headline news. Wow! What you are doing is amazing! Keep it up.

gracie said...

my name is gracie and my sister,Bertha, is dying from cancer. i would like a bag so my niece can carry her books that she reads to her while she lays in bed. i've tried my self but without success. thank you for what you are doing and maybe i will get good enough to pass it on.

ashleyesimpson said...

I saw your clip on CNN this morning and I was amazed. I am a nurse practitioner who plans on introducing the bags to the hospital setting. Hospitals are so wasteful in America. I would like to encourage staff to bring their lunches in the bags and to carry various supplies in the bags. Hospitals need to go green too-let me help start that process.
Thanks and may God bless you!
ashleyesimpson at charter dot net

Anonymous said...

My name is Emily, and I just saw your clip on CNN this morning. I got so inspired that I knew I had to get a bag too! I am 13 but I think if I use this bag for groceries ect., my friends, family and people around me will start using this bag and realize that plastic bags are only destroying our planet. I also think that it takes a big heart and compassioned personality to give out free hand-made bags all around the world. And I want to be involved in this. Thank you for all your doings!
hamstergirl7 at yahoo dot com
(hamstergirl7 (seven))

Kathy said...

Just caught a short clip of your "bags" on CNN. My husband and I have been taking our own bags with us when we buy groceries for quite some time (ugly black things with the store logo). They hold a lot and save on the plastic. Problem was, sometimes we would forget until we were at the store. SO, we got our 10 year old granddaughter involved. We always take a list with us, and she is the self-designated list-maker. She has posted a note to the refrigerator to remind us to take the bags and the #1 item on the list is always the bags. Kudos for your part in saving our environment. It's such an easy solution...I just wish more people would part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

never DOT enuf DOT time AT mchsi DOT com

lITTLEwISDOM said...

Hi Teresa,
I saw your clip on CNN. I thought what a wonderful concept. I already use reuseable bags for grocery shopping. You know the ones that are stamped with whatever store logo you purchased it at. Your bags are so beautiful and personable. However I would love to have one of your bags to carry my books and other things which I need with me when I go for my chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Thanking you in advance.

littlewisdom at little-wisdom dot com

Kristina said...

WOW Theresa I am very moved by your pay -it-forward mission. I started using reusable bags this summer. many were old lunch bags, canvas bags from banks etc. For my wedding a friend found a website that sold reusable bags and I gave each bridesmaid one reusable bag. I wanted more and bought 6 more to tote with me. I store them in my trunk and in my purse and my husband tells the cashier when they say paper or plastic " check with my tree hugging wife" as I stand at the end of the line with all my bags lined up. I don't think "tree hugging" is an insult as we have gotten rid of lunch bags and all those extra shopping bags throughout our home. I would love a recycled reusable bag of yorus to share with my friends and get more people into this habit.
Thank you again for your outspoken mission!
KBUSZTA at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning to a CNN feature of your effort, and I must say it opened my eyes WIDE! My husband and I have been collecting plastic bags at home to use as liners for our small trash cans. We have even made an extra effort to go to the Self-Check line in our military commissary because that's where the plastic bags are (they use paper in the regular lines)! I felt so ashamed of myself after watching your piece...

Today, my husband and I are going to collect some tote bags we've gotten from trade shows and put them in my car so that we can use them on our next trip to the grocery store. We would also love to have one of your bags; they are much prettier than your everyday reusable bag.

Thank you starting this amazing "green" movement! geulenv at msn dot com.

donza said...

After watching your clip this morning on CNN i think, had a news channel on not really sure, but I think you are amazing. I had some New Year's Resolutions started but I must add your Green idea to them. Wonderful idea! I think it will all rub off on all of us.
donza26 at hotmail dot com

christine said...

what a fantastic project u have started! inspiring & far reaching.
i would love to get a bag & use it for my shopping. i also intend to make bags for family & friends for their birthday & next christmas.
i love giving home made gifts but a big shopping bag is a new & excellent idea.


Krista said...

I am teaching my husband and family the importance of not using so much plastic and how to be more aware of what we are doing to the environment. I got my mother in law to use a Nalgene bottle instead of buying a 24 pack of water every week. My husband uses one as well. I have an insulated bag that I take with me to Trader Joes, but I would also like a bag for produce and other food items besides ones that need to be refrigerated. I would certainly appreciate a bag :)

krista.l.warren at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I just saw your piece on CNN and wanted to check out your site. I have been using re-usable bags for grocery shopping for a while now and this Christmas give almost all gifts in fabric bags. I also gave aluminum water bottles to all adults on my holiday list. I'd love a bag though so I can send it to my relatives in Hungary because I noticed it was not a country represented on your list. Go Green Worldwide!

kristideschenes at yahoo dot com

PS - I downloaded your instructions and plan to make some bags too!

kar said...

I actually have several fabric bags of my own and think it's wonderful that you're willing to do this. If I can get a free bag, I will donate it to ICAN's silent auction at the Atlanta Birth conference in April. That way, not only does the bag get used and prevent more paper and plastic beign used, but it would also help to raise money for a non-profit organization. Thanks. -Kristina kabiles at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Green Bag Lady,
I watched your CNN clip today while on break at work with another co-worker. He was impressed that you made bags to keep the Earth green. I was impressed by you too. When I saw him during the day, I asked him where his bag was. He looked for it, but didn't have one. If I were to receive one from you, I would pass it on to him, both for a laugh and to help keep the world green. Thanks for doing something good for the world.
misour at hotmail dot com

ppoff25 said...

I love being green,
it helps out our planet.
If a bag's made of plastic,
we simply must ban it.

If I had a Green Bag Lady bag
I'd use it each day
To the farmer's market, the store,
And this message I'd convey...

Why would you harm the earth
using cruel plastic?
Try something much better,
cloth bags are fantastic!

Thank you Green Bag Lady for all you do! Keep up the wonderful work!

ludedean AT msu DOT edu

Dijea said...

I think this is the most amazing thing and love that you did this. Reusable bags are such an easy place to start helping the environment. I would love to see the pattern so that I could make them for family and friends. (or at least try, I'm not the best seamstress)

Absolutely fabulous! You deserve a pat on the back.
dijea dot sbcglobal dot net

jun said...

I saw your video on and decided to give your blog a look. I love what you're doing and am a proponent of fabric bags myself. Thank you for thinking green.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'd love to have a unique bag to take to the farmer's market (and regular grocery store when needed) that I just moved down the street from. I've been reusing plastic bags when I go, but that's not very stylish :) Reusable bag + supporting local farmers all at once! My email is kjparker82 AT yahoo DOT com

susiehelton said...

This is so intelligent and simple to do.... wow I am really impressed and I will forward your site to my friends to inspire them to do the same!

susiehelton at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing is amazing. There is nothing more irritating than "green" companies selling their bags at unaffordable prices. Too often they are looking far too into the business aspect of green bags rather than the impact of the project on our enviornment. I doubt most companies even believe in Global Warming. You are an inspiring person. If I were to win a free bag, I would use it for practically everything... purse, bookbag, grocery bag, "over night bag" I would replace and no longer use items that are made in those factories that not only harm our enviornment but practice social inequality through minimal wages and unfair treatment and working conditions. Thank you for what you are doing!


aepalka at hotmail dot com

Kerry said...

I too saw your CNN clip and was so excited to hear about your project! Keep up the amazing work!

You have inspired me to finally get out my sewing machine and learn to sew. My Grandma passed away a year ago this week and I was the lucky one who got her sewing machine. This weekend my Mom has given me some sewing lessons and I will be on my way to her house to make a bag this afternoon.

Sewing these bags will not only help the environment, sewing together with my Mom will bring us closer together and help us remember the times we had with my Grandmother.

Thank you! :D


Kieonna said...

Kieonna, age 15 Tumwater, Washington - I seen you on CNN. Wow Its incredible how 3 average people can just sew then BAM environment saved...well helped...haha:).(

kieonna said...

onnaf at yahoo dot com

Soprry i forgot that part...:/ haha:)

Anonymous said...

You so INSPIRE me!

i would love to have one of your bags
i will use it to shop for
food to donate to our
local food bank.

Thank you.


beckystow AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

I saw your clip on CNN and would love to have one of the bags. I have a 1 yr old and a two year old. They love getting the bags out of my closet ansd saying ready mommy. It is funny because they are so young. I just knew that they would love one of your handcrafted colorful bags. Thank you in advance.


Charlene said...

Hey there! I am a single mom of a child with special needs, we use lots of plastic bags when we have to buy baby food and I can't afford to buy the reusable bags nor can I sew them myself so I would love to be able to receive one of your bags! Thanks for doing this!

charlene8301 at gmail dot com

Shawne said...

This is such a wonderful thing you are doing for our planet and the environment. I just saw the clip on TV and wish more people would do simple things like this to help out. I always try to recycle and even started a recycling project at work. It's amazing how many people don't even think about the simple little things they can contribute. I would love t have one of your colorful bags to use and share your story.
My email is shopsmr on yahoo.
Thank you and good luck, you are ruly an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Dear Teresa:

I am so proud of you for taking things into your own hands and doing something constructive for the environment. I have bought the re-usable grocery bags at a couple of my local stores and also take cloth bags from home when I need more. I've decided to collect as many as possible to share with my daughters because they are in their 20's and should be doing this to do their part for preserving the environment for their future families as well.

My husband and I are trying to begin re-building our retirements and savings after putting four daughters through college and paying for weddings, so we also use the bags to help our budget - we stop buying at the grocery store when we can't fit anymore into our "green" bags. It really works!

If your dad chooses me to receive a bag, my favorite color is orange! Keep up the good work - you go, girl!!

Becky Tydings, Centerville, Georgia


Erin said...

Hi I saw you on HNL and I want to help maybe I can make some of your order since there is a huge demand. PLease reach out to me.!

drug free said...

Hello my name is Sarah from San Antonio, TX. I just watched the CNN clip and was inspired to visit your website. Admittingly I have not used a cloth bag as of yet. It seems like such a simple way to reduce my impact on the environment that I can't believe I haven't done so yet. I would be honored to have one of your bags, and I'm even going to attempt to make my very own. I'm not exactly familiar with sewing, so it will be a bit of an experiment for me! I am a single mother so I visit the grocery store on a very regular basis. my E-mail is ceruhallyn at gmail dot com. I really hope to carry one of your bags soon! Thank you! -=)

Anonymous said...

Hi, My son is in a wheelchair and I would love for him to have one of your bags, when he goes shopping, as a handled bag is easier than the slick plastic bags. This is a great idea and a real way to save our environment. Thanks for all you are doing.
Helen at

Anonymous said...

I saw your CNN spot today and it really made me think about my own bad habits. I use somewhere around 10 plastic bags each month while grocery shopping. While I reuse them, they do eventually end up in the trash. I primarily use them for carrying my lunch to work, so nothing would make me happier than having a small bag especially for that purpose. The only problem? I can't sew! Every bag I attempt to make has yielded horrible (and somewhat hilarious) results. Please, please send me one of your awesome bags so that I can do something nice for the environment in the new year.

sarah.star28 at yahoo dot com

PS- even if I don't get picked to receive a bag, thank you for making me think, and for doing something good for the planet!

Anonymous said...

From Alexandra Golumbu
Email: a_golumbu at yahoo dot com

I would love to get one of your free bags because i am a junior in high school and we just started up Earth Club at our school again after 3 years. I would love to get a bag so that we can start bringing the issue of Paper vs. Plastic to the whole school and changing our small town. If i wasnt to recieve a bag i would just like to say that your are doing a very inspirational movement and i wish you would visit Woodinville, Wa!!! i think one of the most earth friendly places on earth!!!

Alexandra Golumbu

Earl Grey said...

Hello! I am a college professor and would love to share your idea and enthusiasm by proudly using your bag on our campus! We have just founded a "green team" on campus to try to make incremental steps to save energy and be more environmentally-friendly.

Thanks so much for your great idea:)
jdecker one at georgetowncollege dot edu

KG said...

I just saw you on tv and immediately got online to check it out. I think it's awesome what you're doing and it's a great idea! I watched your "how to" on you tube and I'm so excited to try my hand at making bags with some of the junk fabric I have laying around the house!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sarah said...

i go shopping at the store every other day and i could use it so i can help the enviroment

ray2tori at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Camila,19, from Benton, AR. My mom just saw the add on t.v. and first off we wanted to tell you what a wonderful thing you are doing for our enviornment! THANK YOU! If we were to get bags, well, we have a family of six, so as you can imagine we go grocery shopping, and WASTE, tons of plasitc bags. We think it'd be awesome to use our bags for grocery shopping. And I would loove to use mine for my school, carrying my books and spreading the word on using "bags"! Our FAMILY could use them greatly!

camilacardenas AT att DOT net

dawnell said...

You are simply amazing! What an inspiration you are to each and every one of us- globally!!! I have never been inclined before to jump up from my television and run to my computer as I was moments ago after viewing the CNN story. I have enjoyed reading the posts from people all around the world and want to send every person I know a bag!!! Looks as if I may have to pull the trusty Singer out of the closet!!! ;)

Thank you so much for inspiring not only me but to the thousands of others in every corner of the earth- can you imagine that!!!??? What that must feel like!

Dawnell- Washington (the EVERGREEN State)


D said...

Dearest Teresa AKA "Green Bag Lady",

I have to admit, I am one of those plastic bag people- I am guilty. The first step in change is admitting your fault.

I have always admired those that I see regularly in stores using cloth bags and have always thought to myself that they are truly stewards of the environment and wished that I was more like them. I have been lazy I admit- but after seeing the CNN story and hearing what an impact you have had on thousands of people- I realize that one person can truly make a difference. Maybe that means that I can make a difference too!
I would really love one of your bags however I understand that there are many others requesting and you only have so much manpower. Therefore, if I am not chosen to receive one of your bags, I am already visualizing my box of fabrics and how adorable they will be sewn into a cute little shopping bag!
Thank you for the effect you have had on me and all those that have been touched by your spirit.

petite_sexy_blonde at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I just saw something on CNN about you giving away bags to help this planet go Green. That's a great idea you have there, and I would love to have one. As a constant shopper (3-4 times/week), the bag would get much use.
lhiggins2007 AT yahoo DOT COM

Jill said...

My name is Jill Grant and I am one of the organizers for the 31st Annual Railroad Run in Ashland, VA on April 4th, 2009. This year we are making our races(a one mile kids run, 10K and 5K)green races. It is a huge undertaking but one that is well worthwhile. We were looking for alternatives to the plastic race packet bags used in the past and I heard about you on CNN. I would love a bag or 2 to give away as door prizes at our race to raise awareness of the impact a plastic bag has on the environment. We would be happy to set up a booth with your information and take donations of material so that you can continue your work. You are a true inspiration.
jill dot grant at

KG said...

Whoopsie! kaylagalloway at gmail dot com !!

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot! I am so sad that Christmas is over! I just saw your CNN story and thought- "Oh what a great gift idea!!!'" I love to make and give hand crafted items and one that serves the earth and inspires a rewarding spirit! If I get busy now and make my own, everyone should have a Valentines/Inaugural bag!!
I could easily put one of your bags to great use as a pattern first and then daily as a replacement for my current plastic bags that are used for groceries/lunch/catch all/book bag/vehicle garbage/garden produce/on the go- throw what ever into it- bag!!!!! (i use them a lot!) Thanks for forcing me to really take a look at how much I use them!! (in fact because they aren't that strong ((plastic)) I will often ask for twice the amount at the grocery store so that they don't break!
I look forward to sharing your story with friends and especially my teen-age daughters who I am teaching to sew- you will surely have two new Bagetts on the rise!
trishthedish at peoplepc dot com

Christiana said...

I saw the clip on CNN today and just had to come on your site to check it out. I think you are a gracious person who really cares about our enviornment. Over the past 6 months or so, we have been transitioning to our own bags. My husband is military and we go to the commissary often, they started selling "Green" bags. We have bought one a pay period and at this point, we only need a few more to not use store paper or plastic bags at all:) We are really excited about this as every little bit helps and this is just one more thing we can do to help the planet be a better place for our children. We keep our bags in the car and they go with us whatever store we are in. I would be truly blessed to have one of your bags and would definetely use it if I am one of the people chosen. I do have a sewing machine I bought recently,I am not very good at sewing yet, it takes me a bit longer, I was born with one hand, but as I get the hang of it I will definetely make a few of my own for me and my kids (and my friends) to "pay it forward" as you said. Thank you for your part in saving the planet. My email is JDCLOVECMC at aol dot com.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teresa, I just saw you on CNN, then got right onto your site to see, and to get some ideas. I have already downloaded your patterns. Actually, I make kids boutique clothes, so I have sewn for years. I have SOOOOOO much material left over, WOW!!! now I know what I can do with it all. I plan on recruiting my MOPS group and girl scout group(and,other friends)to GO GREEN. Thanks, Donna, BAMBAMBoutique

Baggette Connie said...

I am so impressed with all that you have acomplished this past year. I would love to see a pattern for more varities of bags and also for the The Green Bag Lady ICON You know the Lady with the pony tail and the large groc. bag., the ICON that represents you.
I would also be honored to help in any sewing if you need my services.
I personally love bags and use them for everything. You are a wonderful example for all of us.
Thank you for caring.

Jill Marie said...

WOW - what an amazing thing you are doing. You're truly inspirational. I just heard about your project on CNN today. Being a very altruistic person, I would love to help. I think that it would be a wonderful thing to start in our community.

Your numbering system and logo are brilliant. After looking through your sight I only say 1 bag in North Dakota. It was bag 2302 sent to New Rockford, ND.

I would be greatly honored and appreciative to receive a "FREE BAG," and spread the trend in Bismarck, North Dakota. Thank you for all you do and paying it forward.


Jill Marie
(jmbecker at bis dot midco dot net)

Anonymous said...

I listened to the CNN clip last week and was so excited to get something free...... well, alas how silly am I to think I was the only one who heard the clip. Well, I guess now I have something I can do with my misc pile of material that has been sitting in the attic for a lifetime. Thanks so much for posting the pattern and the how to video... time for me to bust out the sewing machine!!! Thanks for getting people motivated!!!...heatherinbloom at yahoo dot com

Baggette Connie said...

I am so impressed with all that you have acomplished this past year. I would love to see a pattern for more varities of bags and also for the The Green Bag Lady ICON You know the Lady with the pony tail and the large groc. bag., the ICON that represents you. I would also love to have one of your bags.
If you need more help, I would love to help with sewing and get people here in SC area using green bags. You can contact me at cwcolley at dishmail dot net You are a wonderful example for all of us.
Thank you for caring.

Anonymous said...

The younger generation is where you will win them over! Us as parents need to show the children that life is not disposable. Water comes from a tap, hand-me-downs can be as good as new, and lastly green bags are better at holding groceries than plastic!
Children will not learn from what we say but rather from what they see...make good examples of ourselves!

leesa said...

I live in PHX & hardly see anyone carry their own "bag". I did buy one online & proceeds went to the purchase for a tree in Ann Arbor, but couldn't afford another. Saw your segment on CNN & would love one of your bags!! thanks for all that you do for the environment! Lisa!

Anonymous said...

I saw a clip about you this weekend on Headline News (I guess they are calling it HLN now?) and immediately went to your website! Your bags are adorable! Makes me wish I could sew, though I have made a promise to myself to learn (notice that's a promise, not a resolution since I always seem to break those!). Anyway, please consider me for a free bag. I have a few in my car and they are extremely boring. Most of them are from Kroger or Wal-Mart and fashion icons they are not. My other bags are ones I've picked up from other retailers and they are none too exciting, either. I'd love to show off one of your cute ones here in Oxford, MS! And maybe by the end of the year I can sew my own! Thanks for this awesome project you have tackled.

reb DOT fan AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I can't sew to save my life.
I can't even insulate my windows without getting a paper cut from the backing on the tape.
So I guess I need your help.
But--I recently did a story here in Mid-Michigan on how local residents have to deal with plastic bags floating out of the local landfill and into peoples backyards!
Sickening. I am a journalist who wants to be part of the solution---not the problem. Nice CNN story!

Liz D
thecheezstandsalone at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea! I would love to be apart of it if I can. Send me a reusable bag please!

ariadne714 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

What a great idea and what a good dead you've been doing, Teresa! I have been using the store bought recyclable grocery bags, but they're bulky and so ugly!

I have been disappointed that you’re not mailing out green bags any more and I can’t go to your events in other states.

I’m thinking of hosting one of the morning clubs at my kid’s school to make bags if I can get a hang of it myself first. Kids and their parents will be more likely to use them if they made the bags themselves!


Anonymous said...

I live in Omaha Nebraska. I have been trying the fabric bags out when grocery shopping or even just taking clothes to a friends. You are truly doing something wonderful for this world and I think the more people use these bags, the more people will continue and start as well. I will tell you that here in my part of town people use plastic bags all over for everything. They are always blowing around the streets and getting stuck in trees. The grocery store clerks use a whole bag for one or two little things when you go major grocery shopping. It is kind of depressing. I would love to use one of your bags and pass the word along around here the best I can. The bags you buy at the store are so boring and just green. I am very much a colorful person and using a plain green bag with the store's logo on it doesn't promote much. You are doing something awesome for everyone. I would love to carry around a bag made by you. Thank you for your consideration.
KristiJarosz at hotmail dot com

Jerem varner said...

i would like to know where i can get a bag from you cause i am tried of use platic bag and i will use your bag only

Jerem varner said...

i would like to know where i can get a bag from you cause i am tried of use platic bag and i will use your bag only

Anonymous said...

i my name is jeremy i want to use your bag only . i am going green ym self and i am tried of using platic bag my memail is jeremyvarner at gmail dot com

gbouranel said...

I first got into the canvas bag thing when i went to Europe where it is the COMMON thing to do.I do it know, noproblemo.And if i were 4 feet shorter i could cut 2 ho;es in the bottom and presto instant overalls. Have a happy day g

Powerfoot, you ask? said...

Green Bag Lady, you rock!! What a wonderful idea and even more impressive that you were able to carry that idea out so successfully! If you dad so chooses to pick me, my plan for the bag is to tote my 4 year old son's library books back and forth. We had used plastic bags in the past, as it seemed like a good way to use the plastic bags from the store. But, I am trying to slowing change over to all cloth. You are an inspiration!

lizard2275 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I saw you on CNN, and I thought that you are the perfect "Pay it Forward" Person. I think that if someone recieves one of your bags they should also "Pay it Forward" in someway. What you are doing for the enviroment is awesome. I am planning to use my bag for groceries. My email is:schristy2006 at bellsouth dot net

Anonymous said...

I told my mother what a wonderful thing you are doing(she has already left you a comment. THis is the greatest, you are doing a SUPERSTAR thing. I just want you to know that you are appreciated for your effort and time. It is rare to find someone so passionate and selfless. Thank you for all the man hours you put in! My email is jaclynnc007 at yahoo dot com
(those are zeros in 007)

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw you on tv today on channel 34. I think it is really nice of you what you are doing to save the enviroment. My family and I recycle bottles to save the enviroment. I also emailed my nfriend about your website.

Anonymous said...

hey I saw you on tv today on channel 34. I think it is really nice of you what you are doing for the enviroment, using fabric instead of PLASTIC and PAPER. I am only 13 years old and my family and I recycle bottles and paper to save the enviroment. We also put our clothes in the YELLOW containers they have for the clothes around the city. I admire you for helping the enviroment NICE JOB :D
My e-mail

Patricia said...

Hello My name is Patricia, I'm from Canada. I saw your clip on CNN and was very surprised to hear about you, and your work.
I am studying environmental in university, to maybe one day help our mother earth. If I got your beautiful bag I would use it for school to take my textbooks and also use it for grocery since it two in one bag.
In Canada we especially Ontario they are now making us pay for grocery bags, which I think is a great thing to get people to buy the environmental friendly bags.

Anyways to keep it short I would love to get one of your bags to support it out in Canada.

Love Patricia

Abril said...

I'm from Queretaro, Mexico and the truth ... I saw on CNN the exchanges and also because I do mitz bags and you could change one of yours and you can teach them well and I bags with cans of the Rings Refresher and believe that I really like a bag d yours ... and hopefully make my comment in my email is if you are interested in a bag of mine but I do not write me a gift I would like to show more types of bag

Abril Mondragón García

Claudita said...

Hi, my name is CM and I'm from El Salvador, I saw the CNN clip and I'm really happy because there are people like you in the world;it would be great if I could have one of your bags 'cause I could tell the story to all my family and friends and that will inspire them to go green too.

AjitaMaría said...

Hola!! te conocí a través de CNN, realmente comparto tu compromiso y solidaridad. Me parece una propuesta sencilla, ingeniosa y creativa. En lo personal tengo un emprendimiento que se llama AjitaMaría donde unimos el Arte, Cultura y Diseño. Tu experiencia es un incentivo para incorporar en mi actividad una acción más que hace al Cuidado de las Personas y Preservación del Medio Ambiente.Vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina, me interesaría poder conectarme con vos y seguir ampliando la "creativa red". Suerte!!! Cariños!! Patricia Estrada

Heather said...

I saw the piece that CNN did in regards to your making reusable bags from recycled material. It touched my heart to see that you're doing so much to help the environment. Myself, I recycle regularly and I have started using reusable bags since I moved into my new home in Sept 2008. I'm so proud to say that I haven't used a single plastic grocery bag since! I have a small collection of reusables in each car to always be prepared and I use one to take my lunch to work in everyday. My mother has recently started using them after she saw how maybe plastic bags she accumulated since I moved (over 400 plastic bags vs my 6 little reusable sacs)! I will certainly be downloading your patterns to make bags with, I have some old patterned sheets that would be perfect for a spring floral bag!

compchick AT embarqmail DOT com

Lynnette said...

Greetings! I watched CNN screen your video the second time and decided that I ought to do something to make contact with you. I felt really convicted over the amount of plastic bags I lug home each time from grocery shopping.
With embarrassment I say this ... I've just counted the number of plastic bags in my kitchen. It's a whopping 582! (Please don't faint!). What's worst is... I plan to teach Earth Science and Environmental Geography at a college in near future! (Another moment for you to faint). But so far, I'm doing good, I've been recycling paper and glass bottles. In addition, I haven't drank out of a plastic bottle in that past year! 3 cheers!
So if there's ever a candidate for a green bag. Pick me! Pick me! (waves frantically!)

From "contestant" number 127
linetly at gmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, I hope I can get one,
valeria647 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this - but what a fantastic concept & an amazing plight by one woman.....I am impressed and as a mother of 2 myself, I have no idea how you find the precious time to sew all these bags - Keep up the fabulous work - We would be using this bag for everything - they are much trendier than the grocery store versions! What a conversation starter for us to all bring awareness to others!
karensjewelry at yahoo dot com

Sol said...

Oh i know it is late but i just wanted to say congratulations on setting such an example and giving ideas for our children to pursue.I saw you at CNN latin america!!I am from Buenos Aires ,Argentina.So your green bags have spread worldwide!!!Way to go and thank you !! :)

Deanna said...

What a wonderful idea! So simple, yet so appealing to many! Thank you for posting your patterns for everyone. I will be blowing the dust off of my machine. Are you accepting material at this time for future bag give aways?

Anonymous said...

Teresa ~ I was chosen as a winner to receive a bag, as I rec'd an email from your Dad. I have responded twice to his email and for some reason, he must not be receiving it or it's going to his junk mail. I rec'd a final notice today, so I thought I would respond here and hope you see it. Thanks so much!

queensdap AT centurytel DOT net

Anonymous said...
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Amber said...

I'd absolutely love a Green Bag. :) My fiance and I are expecting our first child, a boy, in early October, and we've decided that it's time to 'Go Green'. Not only as a benefit to the environment, but in the best interests of our son. Things have changed so much since I was young child, in many ways not for the better. We want to do our best to put in our own best efforts to avoid ruining the Earth any further.

We've been trying to collect re-usable bags, have planted a basic veggie and herb garden, are re-using the few plastic bags we still find ourself needing to use (re-using ziplocks, using any bags we get from shopping as garbage bags, etc), have started to recycle much more strictly than we were doing before, and have switched to using green cleaning products like vinegar, citrus, tea tree oil, and baking soda.

It'd be fantastic to have another reusable bag handy! (we're at a very low point, financially, so we've only been able to get two so far). I'm also looking forward to giving the pattern a shot - if my fiance can find his mother's sewing machine! :P


crass dot trash dot class at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon!!! is one of the best informational websites of its kind. I take advantage of reading it every day. All the best.