Two more bagettes. . .

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to 2 more Green Bag Lady Bagettes. On the left is Jennifer. I have known Jennifer for years. She is the sweetest thing since honey and a hard worker to boot. She loves to cut handles and labels and is fabulous at ironing. What would we do without her?

The other photo is Bagette Sara. Sara lives in Knoxville, TN so is not able to meet with us on a regular basis. However, we met because she emailed and offered her sewing services way back in JUNE. How great is that? She has been helping out by making bags and sending them out too. She has her own blog here. Check it out. She is wonderful!

Thanks for reading. I will post a Freebie soon! Green Bag Lady Teresa


Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw your spot on CNN

I support you fully and wish to thank you for your efforts in going green :)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for helping change our world for the better, one bag at a time! You are Awesome!

Just Because said...

Green Bag Lady ... YOU ROCK!
Its nice to see someone helping the planet instead of trying to take whatever they can from it!

Pegasus17 said...

This is totally awesome. I am originally from Germany and have brought several fabric bags from there, before they became "popular" here, but non of them look as awesome as yours. I saw you on CNN, came to your site, watched your How-to Video and realized how easy it appears to make them myself. So my goal is to try and make some myself (a novice), once I save up enough money for a sewing machine.

Thank you so very much for the inspiration

Cynthia Sexton said...

Hi!seen you on cnn. THATS A TOO COOL OF AN IDEA!Smart thinking.GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY!I live in Smithville,T.N.It's 45min. to an hour east of Nashville. I would love to have a bag for me n my 5yr. daughter & my monm too.We eat alot fruits n veggies, would be so HANDY for me n would make it FUN to take my lil girl to store!My mom could do same n also she could take it to the fruimarket here and we could teke em to the fleamarket n put our goods in them. I failed home-ec. Cant sew good @ all. IF U GET ANY XTRA PLZ PLZ SEND US 3 TOTAL.My lil girl loves pink, and my husbands fav.color was blue.He passed away.long,sad story. My mom likes orange n white BUT WE WOULD BE GRACIOUS FOR ANY COLOR N TK> CARE THE BAG!Thak u for your time and U SEEM SO THOUGHTFUL LIKE ME! I put my last money in charity n the angel tree and gave gift cards to some poor folks.God will tk. care of us who help others in need. Right now are some hard times too. I dont even make 20thousand a yr. and a widow, single mom, and a DOG LOVER, got 3 of them. Thank you so much for your time and i live down the interstate from u.Im 35 n give me a call sometime, im not a preditor or mean person.I just love having friends.(615)418-5737 Cynthia Sexton is my name, my lil girls is Carlie!Thank u! MAY GOD BLESS U & YOURS!632 East Main St., Smithville, T.N, 37166 (: :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bag Ladies,

I just heard about you on my lunch break on CNN radio.

I am a second grade teacher in rural Nevada.

I love stories. And I really love yours.

I plan to share it with my students.

I wish you were still taking email requests. It would have been a fun classroom project that could have reached into the homes of my student's families.

If you change your mind. Give me a shout on your site and I would be happy to contact you with ideas.

Thanks for the great idea.

Happy bagging,

A Nevada Fan

ihaventdoneenoughresearchyettomakeadefinitiveopinion said...

Thank you for seriously taking on saving our beautiful planet.What you're doing is inspiring. I hope to be someone like you. Also, Have a fantastic 2009 (class of '09!)Sincerely, Caroline

ViVy said...

Teresa, you have pictures of my bags?. those sent by mail to your address

dimonvb said...

It's just wonderful. I fully support you.