South Carolina Bag Lady III!

Wow, I got the produce bags today. Thank you so much. Here is a picture of them in action and a picture of  the bags I made today. I'm out of fabric now, used all I had, but many people say they will give me more. I'm not going to give up. It is such a gooooooood feeling to know that for every bag that I sew and give away, that is one less pastic bag that will go into the earth.

Thank you for showing us the way.

SC Bag Lady
Connie Colley

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Thank you Connie for your continued efforts in sewing and giving bags, it is just wonderful. SO, does anyone out there have some fabric they would be willing to give to Connie??? Leave a comment here with your email and I will get you and Connie in touch with one another.

Have a great day everyone. Teresa

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Baggette Connie said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Thank you Teresa. You are amazing. You know anyone that comes to this site is inspired by you and can't help but want to help. You truly live green everyday and inspire others to do the same. I appreciate and am thankful that I saw you on our local news because I feel that now in some small way I am living part of what I should have been living all along. It makes me feel really good to do for others and for all of us as well. It kinda makes sense of this crazy life we live. Any way together we can improve the quality of life as we know it today and help to correct the mistakes of the past.
"Lets do it"