A special bag for a special person. . .

Hi Teresa,

I want to say thanks for you and your Dad choosing me to be one of the lucky people to receive one of your special green bags. As promised here is a picture of me using your bag. I was so very happy and excited on the day I received it. It came just in time for my second chemotherapy session. So here it is all loaded up with my essentials. Again much thanks to you and to all involved in this great quest.

Oh I now also only use reusable water bottles also. So everyone stop wasting money and harming the environment by buying those bottles filled with water. Try Liv Pure fit & fresh water bottles. They have a water filter that fits inside the bottle and is reusable up to 500 refills. You can replace the filter when you need a new one. The bottle cost $9.99 and comes with the first filter in it. The bottle holds 20oz of water.

But again thanks to Teresa and Dad--Zaji

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