Farmers' Market Today!

We are happy to report that 266 bags found new homes at the Nashville Farmers' Market today! We were cold but warm in spirit! Thank you to the Bagettes that were there! You are all more fabulous than words!

We even try to coordinate bags with outfits. . .

Bagettes Kathleen, Karen, Dad, Connie and April. I heart all of you! :)

Sometimes the crowd was so thick, I couldn't see the table!

True story, I had that sweater as a kid. I promise. I looked through 2 photo albums today to find the photo of me with that sweater on and I couldn't locate it. I was SO hoping to include it in this post. Shoot!

A big thanks to Jeff and Jolie from the Farmers' Market for letting us invade today. We had a great time! Teresa

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